The New York State Politics Thread

It could mean that folks finally realize that big cities suck and people should spread the f out.

de-urbanization is for real, just like de-globalization

I think the two could be more easily managed if done in concert.

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Trains to Canada. Time to bring them back.

Seems silly and vindictive not to, imo.

Wear’s my chek?

In da male.

Isn’t this basically saying that you can’t expect black and brown people to do as well as white people?

Crazy stuff.

BUsy day in NY:

“It’s clear to me that… I have become irrelevant… I now melt back into the abyss of left-wing media.”

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“I’ve done my bit. Moving to Florida!”

It’s a hot summer indeed…with spiked brass knuckles:



Witnesses say Zeldin was giving a speech about bail reform at the VFW on Macedon Center Road when a man — reportedly an Iraq War veteran under the influence of alcohol — stumbled through the crowd. He then proceeded to climb on the stage and pull out a knife.

So what IS his take on bail reform?

“When he said he served in Iraq, I got down hands on my knees and said, ‘You know, we’re going to get through whatever you’ve done here tonight,’ and told him, ‘You’re going to get better and focus on that,’ and said, ‘You can contact me after this thing is done,.” Chenelly said. “I was told not the engage with him right now. I think it’s very important we obviously have a mental health crisis nationwide— not just with our veterans but we especially have it with our veterans.”


Same old same old corruption.

Well, yes and no. The gap between can and cannot read is ginormous.