The "news item" from yesterday (foreigner not wearing mask)

Anyone else see the the news about the foreigner who refused to wear a mask in Starbucks yesterday? And the “brave” Taiwanese woman who defended Taiwan’s anti-pandemic efforts against his nefarious designs? This news item was really rubbing me the wrong way.

WHY was this considered news? Because the man refused to wear a mask? Or because he’s a foreigner?

Reminds me a lot of the foreigner who got in trouble for throwing a banana peel out of a car window. So much fake outrage and virtue signalling.


He should be shot.

And then hung.

And then deported.


…you left out pilloried!




Hangings too good for these people, it is a good kick up the arse they need!


Seems you’ve figured out the answer already. Bingo!

Didn’t see the news, but what was the issue? I’ve passed loads of cafes, bars, and restaurants with people inside with no masks since they relaxed the rules. Was he too far from a pointless plastic barrier?


He was in a Starbucks near his place of work. A Taiwanese woman decided to point out that he wasn’t wearing a mask, and he proceeded to argue with her about it.

To be sure, arguing with the woman was not smart, especially not while the cell phones were recording, but I’ve seen Taiwanese dudes have similar conversations in public places without winding up on the news.

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All the shite noodle shops have closed down.


Just as a note; without a link this didn’t happen. We can’t really be expected to dissect a news item with no actual news report to look at.

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Guess it didn’t happen. Carry on.

Edit: Found it.


It’s hard to know what the problem is from the video - isn’t he sitting there with a drink like everybody else (I assume that’s what he reaches around for at 0:38)? It also seemed like that part had been edited out for the published video…

You can bet it’ll be translated into English and appear on Taiwan News later with the headline “Foreign man…”, anyway.

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Foreign American English Teacher Scum!

I’d expect no less from Kman



There has to be more to it. As in he’s entering Starbucks and taking the mask off immediately and making an issue of it. The staff are saying he’s done it repeatedly.

Sounds like a dick to me.

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You’d hope so yeah.

Although I don’t quite get the logic of going to cafes at all if overly concerned about this, and you can be sure she’s not complaining at every Taiwanese person she sees with a mask under their chin.

Lol’d at “I feel sorry for your parents, I feel sorry for your dad and mom.”


We had a poster here who was doing the same thing pre lockdown. Going into Starbucks and making a scene become customers didn’t put their masks back on after finishing their coffees.

But in this case the staff are confirming the guy is a trouble maker. It’s not that he’s sitting with a coffee and taking his mask off to drink it.

(As an aside He’s one of those chaps that sell imported cosmetic products in department stores.)


Sounds like they should have just told him not to come back to that particular Starbucks. I’ve seen many Taiwanese people ignore the mask rule in Starbucks. My main problem is news outlets deeming this newsworthy.


Yes of course, don’t dispute that.

I saw an item yesterday in Apple News about a girl with enormous breasts that an Uber driver took a photo of.

That was the story.

Then at the end of the story it was pointed out that the photo clearly wasn’t in Taiwan. :wall:


Need a source for research purposes… :slight_smile:

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I actually can’t find it.

what is the TW version of Karen.

I’m sad now. :frowning:

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