The Nintendo Switch coming to Taiwan?


Nintendo has announce the Switch, or their brand new hybrid hardware, which is expected to be coming out in March 2017.

If you are yet to check what it will look like, here is a link.

Now I wonder if Nintendo would place the new console on the Taiwanese market, or not. Nintendo has shut down Its Taiwan Subsidiary in 2014, and as the result, Wii and wii U were not officially available in Taiwan, as far as I know.,d.dGc


hope so, i need one anyway!


Me too.

I really hope this region free rumor would be true.
Nintendo Switch May Be Region Free- Report


The amount of available games at launch is truly abysmal…basically Zelda and a bunch of (expensive) mini games -_-
Accessories price is crazy high.
No region lock, Nintendo finally realized they were THE ONLY company to still region lock their stuff.
Paid online service and instead of free games like Sony/Ms you get to rent a nes/Snes game for a month, then it becomes locked -.-

I’m keeping an eye on it because I really miss Monster Hunter and with a bit of luck they’ll release XX on the Switch. My biggest fear is that it will become a Wii U act. 2, with 3rt party software houses skipping it and very few available games.


yea i’m quite disappointed. but still will it be available here? my only other option is to buy it when i go home and download zelda for wii U.


No idea, but with the lack of region lock it shouldn’t be a huge issue to find one.


Zelda breath of the wild looks really solid. And this game is HUGE. I probably needs months for full clear the game.

Snipperclips also looks great, I really like it.

Arms, Splatoon and Maricart are coming soon too.

During the year, Xenoblade 2 and Has Been Heros are also released. I am quite sure I cannot play them all in 2017!

It seems a short list of softwares but with a golden lineup.

I still can’t find any info on sales in Taiwan, and language options. If you have any info, please post! I would like to buy one on the lease day if I can buy one in Taiwan.

I forgot to post the most important one, Super Mario Odyssey. HYPE!

Edit: 100 Nintendo Switch Games In Development


i had a search on yahoo bid and seems people might be selling them? they might also sell them in guanghua plaza after release?


I guess people will sell the switch bought in Japan and brought back by plane on internet as usual but I am not that interested in buying them. I would rather choose actually go to Japan if that is the only option.

It looks like there are official dealers in Taiwan according to Nintendo Global, but, I have never seen any store, including 家樂福 and electronics centers actually selling Nintendo products. At least Nintendo did not sell WiiU and most of software in Taiwan as far as I know but I could be wrong.


i’ve also not seen it. i need to go to carrefour this week, i’ll try to remember to ask them. i think as for language you get to choose what language you set up with then thats it. no region locking with the switch.


i think as for language you get to choose what language you set up with then thats it. no region locking with the switch.

I was thinking same as you before, but Has-Been Heroes was not multi-lan, but English only, I mean, people who do not live in the countries where English is used, they would not have access to the it. For example, Nintendo Japan does not list Has-Been Heroes as an available software.


The consoles and physical games will be region free however e-shop downloads won’t be. This isn’t an issue though because you can have up to 8 user accounts and each can have a different region so if the Japanese users want Has-Been Heroes, which looks great, they just need to make a second user with the US or Europe e-shop and download. No issues as long as they can read English.


Has-Been Heroes looks great, I hope Nintendo provide easy access to all of the products.

For ppl who has not checked it yet here is a link.


When you got any info from the carrefour, would you kindly post the result here? I am curious.


I could not resist posting this vid of BotW. Totally beautiful. This Zelda is probably the last one for Shigeru Miyamoto since it took 5 long years to complete.

Trailer with music


went in today. and the guy said not in carrefour and not in taiwan.


Ohhhh, shit, that is a huge disappointment. Now I’ll need to reserve tickets to fly to Japan.

Thank you for sharing!


Today I called Game休閒館, one of the authorized distributor of Nintendo products, to ask if they are going to sell the Switch, and they told it was unknown yet. It seemed to me the chances Switch coming to Taiwan were slim.


There will still be grey market.


Play-Asia will deliver and they have pre-orders. Their markup can be quite high but it’s better than flying to Japan.