The Nintendo Switch coming to Taiwan?


Today I bought a 55 inch tv in Carrefour. I was planning to buy HD Heran TV, but the staff pushed me to buy “Proton” UHD PLD-556KH2. They told the Proton was the only model which was purely made in Taiwan, the componetns and the assembling. In the end I thought ok I would take this one.

And now I am a bit worried about the decision since playing switch on UHD could negatively affect the graphics, but being in 2017, it is already difficult to find 2017 model with HD version, even though there is almost no contents for UHD. I might have made a mistake, or maybe not.

By the way, the only real UHD contents I am aware of is the upcoming Planet Earth 2 which must be fantastic, but probably it is not worth the added cost.


do you think they will deliver on time? as in on march the 3rd?

i want to play zelda on the release date -march 3rd. i would rather play the switch version though. i just didn’t think it would be easy to get hold of here so i planned on getting the wii U version.


I’ve not moved to Taiwan, yet. I’m in Guangzhou so I don’t know exactly. I also have only pre-ordered once before with them. It was for Pokemon Sun and Moon. They shipped it to me the day after the release (which they told me in advance). But unfortunately customs on the Mainland really slowed it down and I got taxed quite heavily on it and got it like 5 days later.

I believe Taiwan will probably have a better customs experience than on the Mainland… I would email Play Asia first and ask a couple of questions. I would be surprised if you got it on the 3rd though. 4th could be possible if Taiwan is cool with customs.


Nintendo Japan will reopen the pre-order after the March 3 (not before the March 3), so those shops which do not have Switch in stock right now won’t ship on March 3, just my guess.

In case of Wii, it was still not easy to get them half years after the release if I remember correctly.


i’m going to taiwan on march 22nd. there is no chance that switch is sold in korea in the near future, so i am counting on the game shops of taipei main station.


They’ll sell it, but it’s a question of when they’ll have it in.


going for the wii U version of zelda myself. some people have managed to buy it early and it looks not a whole lot different from the switch version. its probably a good decision as i doubt i would buy any other games for it until mario odyssey is out at the end of the year.


Hi, I think Nintendo has changed the software right policy from per hardware to per account, and so you might be able to play the Zelda on Switch even if you buy it for WiiU. You might want to check the game media sites for more details.


It’s unlikely. I think they will do something akin to pay a small fee and get your virtual console games over (when VC arrives) but I can’t imagine a digital version of BOTW bought on the Wii U transferring over to the Switch cheaply, easily or any time soon (and probably never).

I’ve had my Switch for about 24 hours now and I’ve only played Zelda so far, and I’ve avoided 99% of the game play videos on Youtube. I’m loving every minute of it. If the Wii U version is your only chance right now to play this game, do that. I will be downloading Fast RMX and Bomberman R tomorrow for a bit of multiplayer fun.

The console is amazing. I’ve got a pro controller but I’ve been using the joy cons separately (without the grip) most of the time and it feels great.


Still no news regarding Monster Hunter on Switch?


I expect that will be a treat for an E3 reveal. Xenoblade Cronicles 2 is all but confirmed for 2017. They’re advertising it on the news section within the Switch. I like this staggered release of games, it’s going to make most people buy games throughout the year.


Crazy Mike has it available


For 17000 the sell console + 12Switch (trash) + Zelda, that’s roughly 550$.

On Amazon it would 399$ for the console, 50$ for 1-2 Switch and 60$ for Zelda, so the mark up is not too bad. Unfortunately having to buy 1-2 Switch in the bundle is a pita, paying 50$ for a bunch of demo minigames makes no sense.

The also have the console + extra controller and no games at 16000.

I’ll definitely wait until summer to see what happens at the E3. If it’s just another stream of 7 Mario games and no good 3rd party stuff I’ll give it a pass until next year.


think it’s only $299 USD.


299? Yesterday I’ve only seen it around 400$ on Amazon, lol

Are people really trying (and managing) to make a mark up profit off a brand new console that has basically just one game?


Saw a few Switches for sale at a little shop in Ximending on Sunday. Think they were selling for 12,800 NT.


Under 10000nt right before Xmas!

Can anyone find info on Monster Hunter XX for Taiwan? I was reading that even in HK they got the Japanese version only -_- Can Nintendo NOT screw up something?


Tkec now has the Switch in stock, including the bundle with Monster Hunter XX.
Can anyone confirm that it doesn’t have English?