The not-sure-if-racist thread

REIMBURSE you??? They gave millions of dollars to an Isis member who sued them because of the way the US treated him in Guantanamo. For a statement like the one mentioned above, you’re going to become a 1%er in Canada. The government will probably have to increase taxes in order to gather enough money for your brave&stunning award!


It’s as if some people don’t understand context, or they’re just pretending. Seriously how often do you hear white kids described as thugs?

I’m sure this is ruining your life, and next week there’ll be another example of how oppressed you are.


Definition of thug

: a brutal ruffian or assassin : GANGSTER, TOUGH

I’ll take imaginary racism for $500, Luke Crywalker.


I’ll take willful ignorance for a $1000 Alex.

dog whis·tle


  1. a high-pitched whistle used to train dogs, typically having a sound inaudible to humans.
  • a subtly aimed political message which is intended for, and can only be understood by, a particular group.

“dog-whistle issues such as immigration and crime”

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If you hear the dog whistle, you’re the dog.


A reminder:

non se·qui·tur

/ˌnän ˈsekwədər/


  1. a conclusion or statement that does not logically follow from the previous argument or statement.

“his weird mixed metaphors and non sequiturs”

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Looks like this guy is racist against himself. Bummer. Next you’re going to be telling me “gangster” is a racist dog whistle.

Context. Don’t pretend like you don’t get it. Although I don’t know how you’d get up in the morning if you didn’t have someone oppressing you.


If you squint hard enough, you can find racism anywhere…even where it doesn’t exist.

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No, ideological dog whistles don’t work the same as literal ones.

Literal ones call dogs.

Ideological ones, everybody can hear, they are simply ways to use code to maintain plausible deniability to avoid repercussions like jail, or losing your job. Only with the job stuff, well it’s easy enough to lose those even if one thinks they’re being clever.

If someone tells me they don’t hear an ideological dog whistle, they’re either naive, or they definitely hear it and know it’s for them. :whistle:

Why do I get the feeling you actually believe this crap?

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I’m an ape. You can monkey about all you want.

Isn’t this the same as “But you knew that?”

From the Progressive Press: How to Manipulate Who Has The Onus.

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Thug life across the belly
Ill prove theyre from New Delhi

Like thug, depends on context.

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People on both extremes of the spectrum have this issue, of seeing thing so binary.

Far-left sees everything wrong with any use of any term that could be perceived negatively if you squint just right, aka super PC/first world problems police. They will try to twist anything into having an origin of bad intention.

Far-right thinks the opposite, nothing could possibly have been poorly intended, short of 100% clear, literal expression of something like self-proclaimed racism. They will try to do anything to ignore the reality of bad intentions.

Neither really ever attempts to acknowledge context. Maybe they’re just too dumb to be able to account for it? Whatever the reason, both types have their heads firmly implanted up their own arseholes.

I think both also think the state of the opposite extreme represents people anywhere north of the 50% mark on that spectrum.

Funny how we always look to people in other parts of the world, using the extremist label, to describe crazy, violent fanatics, aptly characterizing these types as primitive.

But the extreme sides of the spectrum anywhere think just like these people, they’re just sometimes subject to better life conditions. Their thought processes in regards to nuance and context are equally neanderthal though. Black and white, ones and zeroes, dog bad, hit dog.

I believe my point about binary thinking and lack of ability to evaluate with nuance is illustrated in the post below:

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No it doesn’t. Only a racist sincerely thinks it does.

The word “context” does not mean a race-based double standard.

They’re literally appropriating everything!

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