The not-sure-if-racist thread


Damn! Tried to pull one over on you, but you’re just too sharp.


Fauxcahontas update:


I like that in order to read the statement I had to:

A) read an intro
B) read a recap of the story
C) read Porkahontas’ reply to the statement
D) go past an ad
E) finally read the statement where her “fellow tribesmen” tell her to cut the bullshit



Yes, having blue eyes is now racist.


Nobody knows what it’s like to be the bad man
To be the sad man
Behind blue eyes


Pretty prescient for an all-white, racist band. :sunglasses:


never heard of Van Morrison, yah numb nut (directed at that girl).
great song


I guess red hair is next


They’re more of a minority though. The word “ginger” is practically hate speech.

Edit: OMG, I just realized that “ginger” is an anagram of “nigger.” :hushed:


so, I guess it’s not kosher to say "that (fill in blank of person, guy, girl, etc.) was beaten like a red-headed stepchild?


Not if you want to keep your Twitter account. :grin:


Don’t have twatter, Faceplant, Instagrunt, or any other one.
I can still keep using it.


I guess being a Luddite still has its privileges…for now.


What about those Pakistanis, Iranians, and Afghans with their neo-colonial green eyes, eh? eh?

They should check their privilege.


I only need to count on the Japanese at LINE to maintain their superiority conplex.


No, they’re victims. Their ancestors got raped and pillaged by Alexander the White Supremacist.


Ah, this guy?

Yup, looks like a blue-eyed white supremacist to me.

Ignore the silly title, but there’s a pretty good discussion of the idea of “inherited privilege” here:


That mosaic is obviously Tileshopped.