The not-sure-if-racist thread


Sure would be a shame it someone took your message out of contest, cropped most of your sentence out and informed some media agency about the racist hate speech that current year bovines like to use…

That would make up for some great breaking news…

If only I wasn’t on my phone…


Yeah, two hate words in one sentence. That’s probably grounds for a public stoning.


any Peppers or Pepsis ah-buht?


Wow, didn’t realize that ABC was an ethnic slur…


Wasn’t he a peter pumper?


One group has no souls.

The other group invented soul.

It’s all fun and games until someone yells hate speech.


Not sure what this woman got her Ph.D. in. Virtual reality maybe?




Sadly, it turns out that “Madeline Seers” is a parody account, but no doubt there are right-on academics writing similar stuff for real.


The latest insidious tool of white supremacy: spin class.


If anyone wants to read the article, it’s hilarious:

Basically, these high intensity work-classes are two thin because the marketing uses slim, athletic models who are working out hard. This discourages fat people who are scared of hard work-outs.

They’re also too popular which has pushed prices up. This discourages people of color who are on average poorer.


My favorite comment from the comments section: “NBA too young, too thin and too Black.”


There is a logic to the article. If these spin classes used unfit, fat models in their marketing and sold themselves as being easy work-outs then they wouldn’t be popular. That would bring the price down.


Yes, sounds like there’s a huge untapped market for cheap spin classes targeted at old, fat people of color. Or maybe lots of people just don’t want to spend money on exercise classes (I’m one of them).


“You’re served an ice-cold glass of the “spin class is self-care” Kool-Aid.” Kind of like the dongguacha at my local bian-dang place. Jesus, if I followed this woman’s logic, I’d never be able to digest a meal.

Given that the Kool-Aid is $40 an hour, and water is free and will slake your thirst equally well, I highly doubt that we should be wishing the Kool-Aid on anyone. Looks like a sign of superior minority intelligence at work to me!


What’s bizarre about these articles is the author has spent time thinking through what reads like an “it’s all so unfair!” rant after one too many glasses of pinot grigio.


One might think that there were problems more deserving of attention.


How can you be so flippant? White supremacy must be fought wherever it rears its ugly head. I think government intervention may be required to forcefully integrate these spin classes. :sunglasses:


I don’t usually agree with this argument because it can apply to almost any issue.

However, in this case there simply isn’t a problem. Some people are running successful exercise businesses and they are successful in part due to effective marketing. If there is a market of people who don’t aspire to be slim and athletic then the author should target that.

The people of color bit is just nonsense. The businesses will take money from anyone, so of course they will try to attract anyone to their classes.


A little more white privilege, as captured by photographer Bruce Gilden.


Damn shame. WaPo used to be a great American newspaper. No, really, it did. :sob:

(I cancelled my digital subscription in September 2018)