The NYC Mayor's Thread

Meet the new boss:

“We are all rooting for [Eric Adams] as he takes on the best job in the world. I’ve never been more optimistic about New York City’s future,” the former mayor posted on several social media networks on New Year’s Day, after Adam’s swearing-in.

The best job in the world? gtfooh

Mayor Adams expressed reservations about a controversial bill passed under his predecessor that grants green card holders the right to vote in local elections.
“We’re going to look at the bill,” Adams told reporters Saturday at a press conference in Queens during his first day in office.
“One part of the bill I’m concerned about, the 30-day part. If someone is in the city for 30 days, they have the right to vote. That’s problematic to me,” said Adams, who had previously supported the legislation passed by a large majority of the City Council early last month.

The first one is free, right?

It took about five minutes for officers to respond. Two squad cars arrived at the scene just as the men who were fighting were getting into a car. The officers left without questioning anyone.


It should be an interesting term! Some friction with De Blasio on the way out, pretty unusual for 2 Dems. Any chance for larger aspirations, you think?

If DB runs for Gov, there’s a few hundred hours of riot videos and dead people in refrigerated trucks that we’ll all get to see ad nauseum.

Not him, for God’s sake. I mean Adams!

“Other than the new job as Mayor of New York City — how awesome is that — what are you most looking forward to in 2022?” asked Jonathan Bennet, the Dick Clark of the evening, ninety minutes before the ball drop.

“Our comeback,” Adams said as a gigantic neon billboard advertising Drew Barrymore’s new cookbook, Rebel Homemaker shown across the square ”It is just great when New York shows the entire country how we come back. We all lived through our Pearl Harbor moment. It may be the Great Depression, the attack on Pearl Harbor, it may be COVID, but the reality is the resiliency of our city and our country, we showed the entire globe what we are made of. We are an unbelievable city, and trust me, we are ready for a major comeback because this is New York.”

“BECAUSE THIS IS NEW YORK CITY! THAT IS WHAT WE DO NEW YORK!” Bennett yelled, before telling Adams that he has a couple of unpaid parking tickets that need taking care of.

“Do you know a guy?” he beseeched the incoming mayor.

sameoldsame :face_vomiting:

Let’s see how many cops get shot on his watch. That one that was shot sleeping between shifts outside the copshop should count.

Saw about that. He’s going to have to follow his motto and “get things done”, indeed.

I think that’s enough news to get the ball rolling!

Saw this as well! I get the feeling Adams won’t be too different with this kind of thing.

In that he’ll…what?

Continue with DeBlasio’s identity politics-driven policies, while seeking to toughen up on crime and policing.

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This isn’t being driven by Adams, it’s being driven by the state. That said, I don’t know if he supports it.

Hit the ground running.

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Interesting timing, huh?

Not like they were hiding.

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I’m sure they didn’t find them yesterday, no.

It suddenly looks like Adams was faking his “law and order” stance.

tl;dr: the Manhattan elected District Attorney, who controls the prosecutors’ office, has issued a looooooong memo directing all the prosecutors under him to stop being mean to criminals and only rarely asking for them to be sentenced to prison. There’s an enormous list of crimes that are downgraded from felonies to misdemeanors, including that if someone pulled an ARMED ROBBERY they are only supposed to be charged with a felony if they shot someone or showed some sort of super-special intent to use the gun (as opposed to merely waving around and threatening to kill people if they don’t comply, which is apparently ok).

But getting back to Mayor Adams (this is a thread about Mayor Adams, after all), when the media asked Mayor Adams for comment, he basically said “oh, the DA is a great guy, we campaigned together, we have similar ideas.”

Sucks to be a New Yorker, I guess. Welp, they voted for it.

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Before we get started, we’d like an apology.

Looks like Mayor Adams has now appointed his brother to be Deputy NYPD Commissioner. Nepotism much? Oh right, I forgot, he’s a Democrat, so that’s ok.

Luckily no one was hurt and no one was arrested. A true NYC feel good story.