The NYC Mayor's Thread

Maybe this is some of the fire that BLM guy was talking about.

Hmm, where WAS he last night? We need an apple tracker in every covid home test.

Also, he needs to him to protect him from white supremacists.

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Dinseyland for the <9-5-0.

We had another stabbing in Albany. Small town news. Guy stabbed in the neck and chest walking down the street. It’s the golden age of bullies.

Ad hoc leadership exhibit a:

This shit ain’t Gucci!

This is gonna be a crime in nyc thread if they can’t stop the bleeding.

That’s the second person I’ve heard of getting fired for this anti cop douchebaggery.

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Nice. Amazing how this didn’t come up during the election run-up.

That’s a unique apology unless I’m missing something!

“This is how Black people talk. To us, it was family. We were having a conversation with family,” Lopez-Pierre said.

And that’s fine, if the door swings both ways. But, it don’t.

And Rogan is WAY off if he thinks ONLY black people use the N-word btw. I hear it daily, from the mouths of black kids and immigrant Middle Eastern kids. They use it like they use “bro.”

Good luck untying that mess.

Follow up, Mr. Mayor. Which god?

Adams used biblical language Thursday to dismiss naysayers, explaining, “There will be those who will critique us. But let’s be clear: Lions don’t lose sleep over the opinion of sheep.”

OK, so Old Testament?

Jesus, New York is worse than ever.