The oddest foreigner you've met here -- share your story


They were blue. Kind of a royal blue.
You Yanks think everything is green
That’s why your paper currency is so fucked.


I’ve never met him, but I recall the British guy with sticking out ears who used to post on here. He convinced people that he was some kind of special agent dealing with paedophiles. Clearly a fantasist. He assaulted a police officer, left the country, then returned under a different name to see a kid he’d had in Taiwan. However, he got another Taiwanese girlfriend and either she or the mother of his child reported him to the police as revenge. Ended up doing time.


I’ve met him, wasn’t his forumosa name ‘Dangermouse’?
He used to be close with ‘MaPoSquid’ and ‘Okami’ I think. He told me he was an Interpol agent. I think they rented a house together in Sanxia for a while.


I don’t think interpol was even in taiwan until this year when some kind of agreement was made, so that would have been weird to say.


Sadly, some people bought into it. I remember seeing on temp a thread about how he messed with another poster. Nasty bugger.


Yes, well. Very sad.

Out of interest, what did you do when he claimed to be an Interpol agent? I don’t experience it very often nowadays, but I still occasionally meet the fantasist expat who is clearly bullshitting and I never know how to deal with them. I tend to let it go, but I don’t think that’s the best way of handling their delusions.


I had a restaurant they frequented.


Oh, I see. Not really possible to pull up a customer on their nonsense. You just have to smile and nod your head “Interpol, you say? Wow!”.


Did no one realize interpol had no jurisdiction or had any agents here? I thought it was common knowledge, actually one of the reasons like Taiwan. No extradition to the US and no interpol until I think this year. ( incase I ever did something really stupid and get caught while I was in the US haha) Not sure if interpol even does much or have an office here even after taiwan joined.

Correction: Taiwan only applied but was rejected from interpol this year.


If I remember correctly many people doubted his story. However, it is easy to get taken in by someone if they are manipulative liars and you are a trusting person.


There are many horrible debacles brought by lying foreigners…against other foreigners. In the interest of not opening old wounds, I’ll refrain from examples. Furthermore, lying cunning cheating scamming foreigners are not weird, most jus ass***** , few players, and not a few psychopaths.


Any idea why rejected? I’m curious.


Why does taiwan get rejected to any international organizations? Not hard to guess


In fact, the story wasn’t that he was INTERPOL, it was common knowledge that Taiwan wasn’t a signatory.
Rather, he was supposedly ex-Scotland Yard or London City filth or something, on special non-official assignment co-operating off the books with local police to take down foreigners who were wanted in the UK and were up to no good here.
FWIW, he was indeed spotted more than once busting UK nationals in cooperation with TW Police.
None of which changes the fact that he was an egregious lying sack of shit whose rampant [expletive deleted by mod] is a matter of record.


I think he was just getting info on IP and brand counterfeit stuff. Thats about it I’d say. Still in Taiwan running a biz I believe.


… The more I read this thread the happier I am being a social recluse.


I know, eh? It’s so nice to have 'mosa as a substitute for real world friends! :wink:


Hey, my wife says I’m pretty cool. But I think she’s biased.



She’s not biased, she’s just lying. :sunglasses: