The oddest foreigner you've met here -- share your story


I am aware of a UK pedophile who fled to Taiwan and taught English here. The British trade office couldn’t get him extradited for some reason, but kept visiting his workplaces etc. to let everyone know about his past and get him fired. The idea was that if he ran out of money, he wouldn’t be able to stay. So that’s how these things are handled, apparently. (Strange–I was under the impression that Taiwan could extradite foreigners if the government really wants to, treaty or no treaty.)

A colleague told me about her American ex-husband, who insisted on keeping their wealth in the form of gold coins. After getting married and getting pregnant–indeed, while on her way to the hospital to give birth–the husband disappeared, along with all the gold coins. She spent the better part of a decade unsuccessfully attempting to track him down in the USA, and lobbying legislators to pass laws that would allow her to get a divorce without him (which she finally did). The man’s family sided with her. Apparently the guy had mental issues–paranoia, I think.


Let that be a lesson.
Never marry a little guy who dresses all in green and speaks in rhyme.


Spent ten years sure wasn’t he just down the road all that time!


God, that last line is funny. Oh, man. Thanks for that.


Years ago, I was introduced to an expat at a party. We shook hands, then he leaned over and stuck his tongue way down into my ear canal. Disgusting! I mentioned it to others who said, Oh, he always does that, to guys, girls, whatever (That’s just Harvey). My guess is he’s either back in America now working as a junior manager at a Dairy Queen or serving in the House of Representatives (cha bu duo).


I didn’t know Harvey Weinstein did a stint in Taiwan :smirk:


Isn’t anyone going to talk about the 6-Foot Tibetan Death Squad??




Has anyone met a guy I have seen a few times at The River in Chungli who always wears a hat or head beanie with tattoo’s on his face (the hat/beanie hides it) and of Indian descent?

He was pretty damn odd.


Yes. He’s odd, but a good guy. He’s my friend. Name is Isaiah.
Okay, odd is an understatement


Most of the crazies head for China nowadays.


Dude, that was before ARCs. Back in the day of open employment, when you’d get on the elevator on the ground floor jobless and get off at the 6th floor employed.


and with a date for the evening


I think we can politely say that those days are gone.



Long gone, haven’t had a date in a good while.


Uh, no, dude, it was in the first couple years of them having ARCs, like it says in the post. “Open employment” is a kind of weird euphemism for “largely tolerated illegal employment”, but whatever. Anyway, dude, the point was that the whole Foreign Exchange Memo thing was, if anything, peculiar to Student Visa holders, that regular (legal) working stiffs could buy $US, $CN, PHP, THB, whatever, just like a real country.


What year did ARC’s start, and what year did the Employment Service Act come into effect? (Just asking.)


it’s 1992.05.08.


Now they know how long some of us have been around.



I was an innocent schoolgirl at that time yet :whistle:

外國人入出國境及居留停留規則 was announced on 民國 78 年 01 月 08 日. It’s 1989. Even older.

These also include the word of 居留證.

民國 76 年 11 月 04 日 in 1987

中華民國61年3月7日立法院第49會期第6次會議通過 in 1972