The oddest foreigner you've met here -- share your story


I remember my roommate getting an ARC in about 1991/2, the freak. I think ELSI was the first to be issued them.


What did foreigners receive before ARCs? Anything?


Hep B shots.



Those were the Hep B shots the US dumped on Taiwan. Ironically they were a contaminated batch that actually gave you Hep B. The great US of A knew they were dodgy, that’s why they generously dumped them on Taiwan.

Fuck yeah, America.


What kind of job?
Teaching English surely, perhaps acting in commercials. Anything else?


That was decades before I was a twinkle in Taiwan’s eye, but I’m just going to assume gigolo, because why not?


I interviewed for a gigolo position, but later got cold feet…a decision I’ve regretted ever since. Other than that, played a lot of bit roles in straight-to-video movies.


I didn’t know you’re a woman.


No ARCs in 1984 for sure. At that time, I worked as an English teacher, a transcriptionist, and the Obi Swiss Apple Juice girl in the then-wonder of Taipei, Asiaworld Mall, where big Japanese apples were US$10 each. Near the only McDonaldʻs.

No “foreign exchange memos” either. You went to a jewelry store if you wanted to get money out.

Yes, weʻre that old.


Where’s everyone meeting these interesting foreigners. All the ones I know are pretty boring. Or a DJ.


I was friendly with a hippy foreigner who I later found out was one of Taiwans honest to goodness freedom fighters and had spent decades on the blacklist . Legend. He never even mentioned it when we hung out !

Another fellow from Hawaii that ran a restaurant in Hualien springs to mind. I think he was just an alcoholic though.

My roommate who had a penchant for tying people up when he was drunk was certainly a candidate.

These days I barely bump into foreigners let alone know the crazies!


Perhaps that comes from spending a lot of time in nightclubs.

Most foreigners I’ve met in Taiwan were coworkers and/or people I met through this very site, not counting short term tourists (who were mostly normal).

I didn’t know you’re a woman.

You can’t be certain anyone here is a woman until the person has been “verified” by the gatekeepers of the legendary Women’s Forum. :astonished: :hushed: :zipper_mouth_face:


I can’t be certain anyone here is a man, until the person has been “verified” by being denied by the gatekeepers of the legendary Women’s Forum.


Are the gatekeepers always right? @discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Ask again later


Ooh, that’s worrying…


So there is an exclusive women only forum. but what about the other genders? Don’t they deserve equal protection?

Nonbinary Only Forum
etc etc etc



I suppose you could start one, if you were nonbinary. :idunno:


Tricky to prove. Or maybe proof isn’t required these days.

Proving gender fluidity would be a logistical nightmare.