The Office DVD

I have just finished watching “The Office” DVD series 1 starring Ricky Gervais. If anyone would like to borrow it then let me know by PM (or you can reply here if the mood takes you) and I will bring it to the next happy hour/meet you somewhere.

[color=red]Warning:[/color] [color=darkblue]
Contains sarcasm. Maybe unsuitable for Americans who havn’t a damn clue how to use sarcasm effectively or are used to wishy-washy unfunny humour. Owners of “Friends” DVD’s need not apply. Offer subject to status. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or other loans secured on it. Written details available on request.

DM, I have Series 2 if you’re interested.

Its all gonna be shown on the digital channel Sky World.

Plus there are 2 dvds of the christmas episodes available.

Only got DVD1 mousey…? Wouldnt mummy send you the box set?

I just finished Dangermouse’s season 1 of “The Office” is there a chance someone can borrow me season 2?

Just finished watching the Christmas special that I brought back from the US. Excellent. It’s not available here yet.

I found season 2 for rent at Blockbuster in Xindian.

Frost - I have the season 2 DVD, should’ve given you it last night. If you still want it I’ll bring it along to the next happy hour.

Whatever happened to the US version? I guess it got dumped the same as coupling.

Great show. Made me look for more british comedies and found “Shaun of the dead” movie to be quite funny. The cast of that used to be in a show called “Spaced” in 2000-1. Had two seasons of Spaced but felt the second season was better made and funnier. ok a little off topic but Ricky Gervais sans goutee was in one episode of spaced. Any recommendations of British comedy series or movie?

One of my favorites, and my boys’ favorites, is the

How about doing a swap? I got virtually all of the great BBC comedies on DVD: Fawlty Towers, Blackadder, Office Season 1-2&Christmas Special, Complete Monty Python, Complete Father Ted etc.

I also got a lot of PBS Ken Burns documentary and Brit miniseries.

Thinking of starting an online club for people to swap DVDs online.

Let me know if you’re interested. Really want to watch Red Dwarfs.

Whiskas, you forget to mention one of thebest of all time, Only Fools and Horses, which i have several series on DVD but still trying to find the christmas specials on DVD

Never seen Fools and Horses and would want to take a look. How about a swap? PM me if you’re interested. I’ll prepare a list.

Anything from Chris Morris. ‘The Day Today’ and ‘Brasseye’ are a good place to start. Peerless satire.

From an interview with Morris:
Considine’s concern is understandable. Few performers throw up so thick a smokescreen as Chris Morris. Few trail so fearsome a reputation. Debuting on BBC2 as the imperious anchor of The Day Today in 1994, he mercilessly demolished the whole lexicon of TV news-speak (meaningless slogans, tortuous links and all). On Channel 4, his Brass Eye series spotlighted a celebrity culture sleepwalking towards oblivion. Its rent-a-quote personalities would seemingly champion any cause, be it a ban on a “made-up drug” called Cake, a nonsensical guide to prison slang (“woggy coconut means air-bricks”) or an impassioned warning on the dangers of “heavy electricity”. Lured in by a campaign of phony letterheads and makeshift offices, Morris’s dupes (Noel Edmonds, Richard Briers and Tory MP David Amess among them) signed up in haste and repented at leisure.

On his 2001 Brass Eye special, the satirist reprised the scam. The programme found Phil Collins talking “Nonce Sense” (and subsequently threatening to sue), while presenter Richard Blackwood claimed that you could tell if your children had been abused because they “smelt like hammers”. Most memorable of all was the spectacle of DJ Dr Fox insisting that “paedophiles have more genes in common with crabs than they do with you or me. Now that is scientific fact. There’s no actual evidence for it, but it is a fact.”

Where can I buy “The Office” series 1? I’ve only seen 2 on display. :slight_smile:

you can get some chris morris stuff here:

this is his Blue Jam series originally aired on radio 1
best skip to series three which contains all the best bits
from series 1 and 2 anyway

note - some of this stuff is very offensive and very funny

this is not a family show

Stuff I have.
(I know downloading is bad, and I’m going to hell, but I don’t beleive in God, so would be going there anyway)

The Office - Series 1 and 2 Taiwanese DVD, Christmas Special downloaded.
The League of Gentlemen - Series 1-3 and Live Show all UK DVD.
Father Ted - Series 1 - 4(?) downloaded.
Black Adder Series 1 - 4 downloaded.
Little Britain - Series 1 and 2 downloaded.

I think I still have Jam (TV version of Blue Jam mentioned above) downloaded.

I don’t have Phoenix Nights, but recomend it to any 20-30 something working class northerners in search of a chuckle.

The Office, Season 1,2, and Christmas Special has just been released in Taiwan. … d=QBB00075