The Official NBA Thread


I’m not a huge fan of Harden but he’s #1 in the MVP race at the moment for me. Didn’t even get conference player of the week though haha.


I dislike him. You have to let defenders be able to actually defend him. It’s not fun seeing him shoot 20 free throws a game. It’s jusr ridiculous.


Completely agree, but can’t argue with his result if the NBA continues to allow it.


If he got rid of his retarded head-snapping trying to pretend he was hit by a truck, while in reality the defender’s shirt just barely got close to his, I’d admire him more. He’s very talented (on one side of the field…on the other one he’s a liability), but he;s not the kind of player I’d look up to as an example.


It’s stupid. He initiates the contact most of the time as well. Enough is enough. I get high scoring is entertaining and stars get better treatment. But the stoppage is making it not fun.


Plus I can’t think of more of a choker than harden right now. How can you drop 50+ nightly and not show up in the playoffs at all. Like he just completely falls off. At least Westbrook makes noise losing. Harden is just gone.


100% accurate


I think it will be best for DSJ. He’s going to be a good and possibly great playing in the right organization. But luka is the future for Dallas and his style doesn’t match and doesn’t look like he has room to grow and thrive. Even Brunson looks better than DSJ with luka, and DSJ is clearly the superior player.


JJB’s injury is a huge opportunity for Brunson. I like his moves, but he looks a bit too small, kinda like Barea. So who are we getting for Dennis, then? Who’d be a better fit alongside Luka?


76ers 149 - Minny 107, holy cow.

Embiid wih a sweet 31/13, and Towns with -42 x____x


Back in my days, they used to do this thing called playing defense and was allowed to play defense.


Any 3 and D guys out there looking for a new team?

Also, GSW destroyed the Nuggets to reclaim top seed with a 51pt first quarter, the last came before Cousins joins the lineup. Can’t wait (no sarcasm)!


Off player player. Brunson is good because he actually cuts and moves so luka finds him DSJ clearly has never done that looks lost without the ball.


Everyone can use a Vucevic though.


That looks like getting too much height and losing lot of scoring, especially with JJ out.


The pièce de résistance… sign Melo. JOKES JOKES.


This is not the Dallas Mavericks or the Luka Doncic thread, but well, just saw the Mavs-Spurs game. Marc Cuban, get that rookie some help! Shows up every single game, putting up impressive numbers, is surrounded by somewhat talented but very inconsistent players. Can’t wait to see a mega trade before the deadline. Don’t care who they ship out, except perhaps Kleber and Finney Smith.


Well the hope is Dallas can finally get some big name free agents. It’s surprising they haven’t with a HOFer like dirk, decent city, especially for family, player friendly owner, and no state income tax!!!


You mean Doncic traded to LA ?


The only player that’s an option for ia Lebron. Even then I wouldn’t do it.