The Official NBA Thread


Will never understand why he let Nash and Chandler go, Cuban. He likes to swing for the fence, but has he ever scored bigly when making trades?


Well if you look at championships, it’s been basically Lakers, Boston, spurs and then there’s the lonely Dallas Mavericks lol. A garbage team to contenders for nearly a decade and playoff team consecutively for a long long time. Sadly the lack of free agents is what hurted any championship run with dirk.


Well let’s see what happens, the Cuban is always full of surprises.


Another massive game from Harden, but:


What a ball hog…


To be fair they only had 9 healthy players and their stars are all out.


James Harden will never win anything.
He’s the Allen Iverson of his day: a great scorer whose assists average is misleading, because rather than making great passes, he drives to the basket over and over and dumps the ball to a teammate when he’s met by a double-team. Those are not Jason Kidd/Steve Nash type of assists.


Yes, but what he is doing now is very impressive.

Historically they will likely say how if it weren’t for the GSW juggernaut he would have likely won a title. Like they did with Barkley and Malone.


Yeah I agree.
His offensive stats are impressive.
I like watching that Jokic kid on the Nuggets. Don’t think there’s been a big man who could pass like that in decades.


Lot of -ic’s that are fun to watch these days. :blush:


yes, they are my favorite league pass team at the moment, and the Rockets my least (along with the Blazers)



“Cousins made his debut, and as expected, he showed signs of being winded and fatigued — being out for a year without experiencing the rigor and pace of a legitimate NBA game will have that effect. But in his 15 minutes on the floor — prematurely terminated through fouling out of the game — Cousins amassed a highly respectable line: 14 points, 6 rebounds, and 3 assists, shooting 5-of-11 from the field (45.4 percent) and 3-of-4 from three-point range (75 percent).



They had no idea what to do on defence and left him alone. But really not their fault lol.


R.i.p. to Oladipo’s career, I don’t think a player that relies on athleticism as much as him can recover from this. Feelsbadman.


Hope he’s ok from the MRI. He’s been having a good year and made them contender for the Easter conference for sure. Still young so hopefully he can recover.



Luka better be an all star this year. Only teenager to have 2 triple doubles and the youngest 30 point triple double.


Maybe his best game so far. If his teammates (Barnes, Dennis, Matthews) were just a tad better, they would win a lot more games.


He’s truly an incredible talent. Out of curiosity, is there any journo in the Us who’s making the argument:“well it’s easy to crunch numbers on a bad team!11!!” ? I’m asking because there’s always THAT guy.