The Official NBA Thread


Sweet Holy Jesus, his shooting “”“technique”"" in the thumbnail…


Leonard to Toronto and derozan to the Spurs…dafuq…

When I read the rumors about it a couple 9f days ago I thought it was a joke.


The real question is what the odds are of Kawhi staying in Toronto next year. The whole situation is just so strange. Is he going to try to sit out next year as well?


My guess:

Him staying in Toronto: 0.05%

Him going atm for 1 year: 25% (he needs to show he’s in reasonable conditions of he wants some fat shekels in La)


Ass to mouth?


Autocorrect rekt me…it was supposed to be AFK


There are NBA rules in place that will rape him if he sits out this year, including removal of free agent status. Chance of ‘atm’ of Bron’s weewee in 2019 by Kawhi, 90%.


“But my leg hurts…my doctor told me…my uncle…the pain…”

I mean, no one expected him to part ways with the spurs like that, so I have no idea what could happen next.


Listening to Colin Cowherd’s podcast. Raptor’s getting Kawhi to trade for picks/young players with either LA teams. He says some whack shit but this one makes sense, DeRozan isn’t a guy who can carry a team.


Why would LA trade for Kawhi? Isn’t he free to go after one year? I didn’t check the details of his contract with toronto.


Yes, but the idea is a combination of the following:

  1. People believe Clippers have a genuine shot at him, making it a two team race.
  2. Both LA teams have just witnessed PG resign with OKC and may be scared, even if it’s a 0.01% chance, that Kawhi does stay with the Raptors.
  3. Lakers are front court heavy and would be offering up players that would be pushed back in the rotation anyway.
  4. Kawhi gets around 50m more on max contract if he resigns in 2019, instead of signing with a new team. He may insist on being moved now.
  5. Toronto pushing DeRozan off the books could be a signal for a rebuilt, and may offer up Kawhi for less immediate talent.


I don’t know…it reminds me of Melo back when he moved from Denver to NY mid-season, NY gave Denver half their team even if everyone knew Melo was going to NY for free at the end of the season…

I hope the Raptors will not bamboozle themselves too much.


I don’t think they can lose, even if they get nothing end of the season. DeRozan off the books is a win, that team in the previous form may not even make it out of second round even with Lebron out, they are a better team now if Kawhi decides to show up and play for the full year.

Feel bad for DeRozan if he truly loved Toronto though. Seem a good dude.


True. But yeah, I’ve always thought he’d be very for almost his whole career. Same for Green in SA, but Demar was more of a franchise player. Hopefully will help him develop into a more consistent player.


Dennis Schroeder to OKC. They will have a nice back court now. Carmelo, retire already! What a waste of talent his career has been.


That’s a neat deal for both teams, Schroeder’s contract was pretty awful.
I wonder where will melo go and for how much money. No one in their right mind would offer him the 27m he made last year, that was basically a scam.


He’s going to a contender for at most the mid-level exception, thats around $5m. No one in their right mind should pay him even that much.


I think that if he could accept a 6/7th man role without being butthurt about it, he could be a good investment for 5mil. It looks like he really really wants to go to Houston. Coming off the bench to let Harden have some extra rest could be useful, but last year he clearly said he’s not interested to be a bench player.
He’s at a point in his career where he’s really far from being a key star player. I doubt he’d even be able to put up reasonable numbers if he ended up in a trash team. Accepting a smaller role coming off the bench would give him a shot at a ring while still allowing him to play short bursts of decent basketball, rather than jogging along and sucking hard for 35+ minutes like last year.



Looks like he’s taking the veteran’s minimum for $2.4m. Still a few days left before it can go through.