The Official NBA Thread


On /nba there’s a post for the winner of the “Ring Chase Award”, given to whoever takes the biggest salary cut in order to join a contending team. Cousins is currently winning, dropping from 18m to 5m, but Melo is going to absolutely DOMINATE and bring home that award.


KLove with $120m/4 years, glad he got paid.


That’s a lot of money…I guess it must be compensation for enduring LeBron.


Exactly my thought. Compensation for being the scrapegoat every year.


No one will beat Dirk in that category, ever.

194 million is an insane amount of money. And what did he get? A bunch of stars way beyond their prime and Chandler Parsons…


Rondo is a weird dude and probably easy to trigger, but what was Chris Paul’s finger doing there in his face?


Bogut had some family problems - wife had a high-risk pregnancy or was sick late in her pregnancy or something like that - and left to return down under without trying to get on with another team.


I’ve heard for years that Paul is a player that other players would love to punch in the face. He’s bright enough to know what Rondo would do when he poked him however.

If anybody said Lance Stephenson would be peacekeeper in a fight involving Ingram by the end of the first week of the season, they’re a damn liar.


I don’t think Boogie is ring chasing as much as trying to get his career back on track. Golden State has a fantastic training staff and won’t push him to return until March if he isn’t ready to play.


If anybody said Lance Stephenson would be peacekeeper

He got Harden a technical earlier in the same game too…

LBJ might start second-guessing hit decision to take is talents to LaLa town.


he’s getting paid and he likes LA. He has a house there. And that roster is going to look different after the trade deadline.


you mean he’s leaving?


They’re making some trades.


My eye is on the the 19 year old euro league mvp and champion rookie coming in this year. Luka doncic


Have been following Dallas and Dirk for the past 20 years. Kind of lost interest with Dirk slowly fading into retirement. Now there is reason to be excited again. Hard to believe that Doncic is only 19. He looks much more mature. He’s full of confidence and comes with a large bag of tricks. They will have a tough time to get into the playoffs, but will be fun to watch this season. DeAndre Jordan, why not two years earlier…?


I love Dirk. He is my favorite player after years of watching the game. It will be great seeing him pass wilt chamberlain, only 232 points behind. Lebron will soon pass dirk; but he’s going to end up 6th all time scoring. The guys ahead of him are like Jordan, Kobe, and soon to be Lebron.


It’s probably a mix of both. I’ve always been a huge fan of teams with a real old-school #5 and the rest of the team composed by players with good hands. I hope he can recover, last year’s injury was such a pity,they were playing great.


A SBL team just picked up O.J. mayo

Idk why he failed the anabolic steroid tests 2x. Surely his trainers would have gave him HGH instead if he wanted.


That dude is still playing? Haven’t heard this name for years.


He’s only 30. He was a decent player. Maybe underachieving for a 3rd pick. But clearly capable of playing and a excellent spot up shooter.