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Doncic - Young 0:1

Looked like Dallas would win in the beginning, but could not sustain the early lead. Doncic also looked like he would win the personal battle, but the team wins, you win.

I feel Trae Young’s size is quite an issue, the way he was man-handled by Dennis Smith.

Overall, I feel Doncic has more potential, telling from these few early games.


OKC and the Cavs are having an entertaining start!


Luka would be better as the primary ball handler for Dallas right now. But I understand they want to develop Dennis Smith junior and they aren’t competing for a title so.

Luka can play and switch 4 positions, trea young will be a liability on defense like Steph curry, teams will need to hide him. So unless he’s shooting like curry, his plus and minus numbers won’t be good.


Yeah, I think the reason they lost against the Hawks had to do with them wanting to get Dennis going (or him taking ill-advised shots to get himself going). Will be a challenge to keep him happy when Doncic turns out to be the better player and he has to play second fiddle.

Trae has some good range, not sure if he’s going to be as lethal as Curry, though.


Holy crap Klay with the 14 treys (on 24 attempts).

Bucks 7-0 and they defeated Toronto even without Ante…Antokp…without Giannis.


And he was in a shooting slump before that game…


Just like Curry’s 50 pointer, kinda wish Kerr left them both in and see what happens, and let them have a night off the following game.


No way, can you imagine if one of them gets hurt playing garbage minutes?

They’re championship favorites, if it’s some bottom of the league team for sure.


I know the rationale, it’s just a wish from a NBA fan :).


Luka doncic is going to be ROY. If he was the primary ball handler he would probably average a double double.




What I haven’t decided on Doncic is whether he’s deceptively quick, or kinda slow. But he’s showing the consistency that we all expected him to have, being more mature than any of the rookies out there in IQ and physicality.


Maybe he’s Kyle Anderson v2.0 !


Watched the game today. The Mavs should be very pleased. He was very impressive in the third quarter when they came back. He can take over without looking selfish. Is not forcing shots. Would like to see some more assists, though. Like when he goes inside he does not find an open three-point shooter very often. Not that he needs to if he makes those floaters and layups. He also missed some important free-throws, but I would not be worried about that in the long wrong. He does not seem to shy away from performing in the clutch.


He does not have elite quickness or athletic talent at the NBA level. But height, strength, IQ, the ability to shoot anywhere and passing ability will make up for it.


KD ruined the league. It’s not it fair right now. No one can beat them this year.


Not going to blame him, he did nothing wrong. Not his job to make sure that the the league is entertaining. At least they are not an unlikable team that his defensive-minded and plays dirty (the Spurs and Bruce Bowen comes to mind…).


You don’t join the team that beat you the next year, the team that’s already the heavy favorite and defending champions with an MVP and you’re an MVP. That’s weak and we already know they’re wayyyyyyyy better then any other team.


Ps: the Butler drama is retarded