The Official NBA Thread

No, but reddit streams abound.

My son and I watched the Bucks/Orlando game last night. I noticed the social justice stuff on their uniforms. I cannot imagine why this upsets some people. I will ask my high school friend who served in the 82cd for a decade and now refuses to watch anything where anyone kneels tomorrow, when we meet up for some fly fishing in the Adirondacks. lol

It’s just annoying to me. It’s like paying 20$ for movie tickets to have the actors break character to tell me black lives matter during the film.

I’m not saying to not use their platform. But it’s every commercial, on the jersey; on the warm up shirts, on the court, during interviews. At some point, I just want to watch some basketball.

Then stop reading.

what happened to the good 'ole days of being called a “cracker”

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Luka Legend. That looked like a blow-out loss in the beginning.

The year is really effed up. Hope it’s not getting worse in 2021.

I better get a refund from league pass if it’s canceled.

Don’t worry, NBA players will just become social influencers on Instagram, etc., where you don’t have to pay to see them play.

Any luck on a refund before this?:

Compared to ABC’s first playoff game last year, Clippers-Warriors Game 1 on a Saturday night, ratings fell 23% (from 3.0) and viewership 21% (from 4.83M). The Lakers’ win ranks as ABC’s least-watched playoff opener in five years (2015 Pelicans-Warriors: 3.49M)


They’re sheeting on their own marketing pyramid.

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To me Kawhi Leonard is one of the greatest least exciting players ever, right beside Tim Duncan.

Duncan had those bank shots from the left side over and over and over again. Unstoppable. Leonard has those stiff arm mid-range jumpers over and over and over again.

I guess there is some beauty in it, but completely devoid of flash.

Yeah. He took over with that mid range. I’ve been telling people that the mid range is now a great shot if you can make it. Since defenses are taught to guard the 3 and the drive. The mid range opens up.

Americans have all the time in the world to enjoy sports on TV due to COVID-19, but alas, parting is such sweet sorrow

I feel like they might have left something out of their analysis. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

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The leagues value is in entertainment, not social justice.

Down nearly 50%

That’s huge.

Not sure you can directly link it to this. I’m sure some have. Other factors might includ all 4 major sports happening at the same time for the first time ever.
Covid related, maybe they’re watching news or something more important.
King James bores people and the thought of another stacked team bought just to win this year is tiring. A real salary cap could help with this btw

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I definitely think it’s a combination of everything. And I think most people think it’s going to be a sweep or something like 4-1. But still very concerning for the league.

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