The Official NBA Thread


Yes, I don’t do that. No, I don’t know what I would do, to be honest. A player like Dirk doesn’t do that. But why not? NBA players get traded against their interest ALL the time. It’s only the ones at the very top who can decide where to play. If he’s the MVP, he’s worked very hard to get to that status, he’s deserved the right to go wherever the hell he pleases to take his talent. Also, there is no guarantee that a team wins, everyone stays healthy, the chemistry is right, etc. Dirk gave up millions (+50 over his career?) to stay in Dallas and allow his team to get players like Chandler Parsons… He’s praised for that and he will always be the one who let the Mavericks to that one championship, but all the other years, all the losses, the frustrations, playing without even one other elite player on his team for most of the years, was it worth it? I like watching the Warriors, if they are that good, so be it. They are playing with 5 players at a time like everyone else. If other teams are not as good as them, those teams should improve, if they complain they are just a bunch of sore losers.


I have to say it feels so artificial. And teams chasing this super team are suffering. They’re making trades that ruin the team. Look at the rockets this year. They look awful from being the 2nd best team last year. The warriors are already soooooo much better this year, it isn’t even close. And dermarcus cousins isn’t even back for them.


Maybe Dmc will drag them down and cause internal turmoil? He’s Adam silver’s only hope!

I don’t really mind the dubs steam rolling everyone into oblivion, though.


After their impressive start, how far can the Bucks go this season I wonder. One budding super star, a giant European who can shoot threes, and a lot of other perimeter shooters. Fun to watch.


Last year all the bucks fans complained about the coaching; looks like their complaints had some validity.

Fear the deer, yo! (I kinda fell in love with the bucks the year they had half of their team injured and Skiles somehow managed to bring them to the playoffs with a roster that looked like a potential candidate for a top3 draft pick)


I think they have three seasons before the Greek freak becomes a FA, don’t think they will be able to keep him after that or sign an extension before that. He’ll go somewhere where it’s warmer and the market is bigger. LA perhaps, perfect time to replace LeBron by then.


Wow, the Nuggets start 9-1? When did that happen? Murray with 48 pts? Murray? Haven’t paid attention to the NBA for some time it seems.


Imagine if the Greek freak could shoot. He’d be unstoppable.


Another good game for the wonder boy. That floater is nice and he has a beautiful stroke from 3 point land.


I think he is very calm, confident and in control, especially considering his age. Almost no rookie mistakes. Quite a contrast to Dennis Smith Jr who is all about flash, athleticism, and sometimes ill-advised shots. Both are good, have potential and probably complement each other nicely. They have a decent team now, but are not playoff material, yet. Doncic is also not a good defender, too slow, not much leaping ability. Is going to have a hard time defending the top guards in the league.


He’s ok on defense. He’s strong and big. Also tall with long arms. As long as he knows how to position himself, he will be fine. Maybe not elite. But won’t be a liability.


Saw him a few times in this game planted to the ground while the shooter was up in the air not being bothered at all. His arms are not THAT long… ha ha


The second coming if Rose is a thing of beauty, though I don’t know if it will be enough to make Butler tone it down a bit.

How dares this guy posterize Embiid?? He’ll get shitposted into oblivion for this, Embiid’s revenge will be merciless.

I love Embiid so much, such a pity he lost almost 3 seasons to injuries.


Minnesota on a 4-game losing streak, thought they were better with Towns, Wiggins, Butler, Rose, Teague, Deng. Probably missing a superstar caliber player.

So that far the Bucks are the better Mi team.


Deng ?_? He’s no longer a basketball player, he’s a contract waiting to expire, he’s irrelevant now.
I believe the Butler drama is impacting the way they play, and I don’t think Rose can play like this long term.

In the East there are a few good prospects, both in terms of young players and teams, but basically every year we have high rank players moving to the west conference for those sweet extra dollaroo$. It’s not helping competitiveness.

In the east it would a GS-like miracle of several top tier draft picks to really shake things around, or some large investments from one of the few teams with funds. The Knicks have been a disaster every single time they tried, though.


Ok, let’s forget about Deng, Dieng? :slight_smile:


Well, Dieng is an ok player from the bench, but I don’t see him as a starter or key bench player for a contender.
Minnie has the Butler drama, Wiggins has been underperforming for a while, KAT is a great talent but doesn’t seem to be a “carry” like Anthony Davis…they have a few issues to fix. I don’t understand why Thib seems to be so hell bent on keeping Butler when he said a million times he wants to leave. Wiggins, Kat, a Rose in good conditions and some good players or picks in exchange for Butler seem like a decent base to me, unless he thinks that by forcing Butler to stay all year he’ll make to the finals and then hope a miracle happens?




Holy crap, they demolished GS.




Minnie has the Butler drama

Not anymore…



That’s a huge bet for the 76ers. Butler has been widely known for bringing good stats on the floor while at the same time having a bad effect among teammates on a personal level. Covington and Saric were well liked guys, and especially Covington grew up from trash tier to very respected player (and great defender).
If Butler can perform well and keep his mood issues at bay, the 76ers could become a huge threat on the East. But Embiid has a very “unique” personality, i hope the two will manage to get along well.