The Official NBA Thread


KD can’t lead the team with curry gone. Curry is clearly the best player on the team, They are awful loosing to the 2nd worst team in the west lead by a rookie.


Yay, no new NBA wins-in-a-season record for the Warriors this season! I think, put LBJ on that team without Curry (and Green or whoever), and they won’t miss a beat. He just takes over. Not that I am a BronBron fan, god forbid.


There is no way anyone would call LBJ “BronBron” unless he or she is a fan, whether public or not.


I hated Lebron when he left for the heat. Was so happy when dirk and the boys whooped his ass with only 1 all star on the team. But now as time passed, you have to appreciate the greatness of Lebron. We might never see another athlete like him in our lifetime. Father Time catches us all, even Lebron although he’s done everything he can to slow down any regression. Who knows how long Lebron will be Lebron.

Plus if anything else, Lebron has done a lot for his community and maintained a good role model image for kids. Zero off court issues. He’s also a really good father from what I can see.


You MUST be a Mavs fan… :slight_smile:

What’ll happen when Swish41 is ready to saddle that horse one more time? Coming off the bench?

Or replace either Matthews or Barnes?


Whatever he wants. We aren’t competing for a championship. Just let him have fun out there with Luka and get him enough points to pass wilt on the 6th all time scoring. I don’t really care for Barnes or Wes. Barnes felt like he could be an all star once but I think he reached his full potential and what we see is what we get from him. Wes is pretty much just going to regress from now on.


Not sure about the contract situations, but feels like there could be quite a few trades for the Mavs. I think only Dirk, Dennis, and Doncic are surely not going anywhere. The rest is exchangeable. Although I like Kleber, Barea, and Finney Smith.


The bench is saving them. Hate to see dallas mess with them. They’re more fun to watch then most of the starters lol


Nick van Exit :slight_smile:


He pisses me off so much.


In another video on that channel you can see how LeAndre is really lazy on defense sometimes… Will be fine if they keep winning, will probably fall apart rather quickly when they start piling up losses. But I am optimistic. Can’t wait for the Diggler to come back, even only as a spot-up three point shooter.


Feelsbadman, poor AD


Will Jason Kidd become the new Mark Jackson?


The offense this year is ridiculous. The NBA is doing so much better than other North American sports because of its willingness to make changes to make the game more fun and allow players to have more freedom to market themselves.


When the average scoring goes up and gets back to the levels of the 60s and 70s I wonder how the high-scoring players feel who played in the 90s and early 2000s or how meaningful career-scoring records really are.

Right now the league averages 110.4, the lowest was 91.6 in 1998-99, the highest was 118.8 in 1961-62.


KDs legacy continues to taint. 4 game losing streak lol. He’s supposed to be the best or at least 2nd best player in the league ain’t he? You got 2 other all stars and still lost lol.


Same with the NFL this year though?


NFL ratings have been down. To many things happening with the NFL turning sports fans away. Too many rules unlike the NBA where players have a lot of freedom. Lots of off court issues, the CTE thing turning people off football and the flag kneeling issues. The younger kids love NBA now and it’s growing internationally. NFL has issues, I don’t get why they gave such a ridiculous contract To roger Goodell.


But did you watch MNF this week? It’ll change your mind.


When Westbrook is in a good, he’s a nice guy.


Yeah the Rams-Chiefs game (54-51 Rams) is being written about as if it will be a turning point for the NFL.

And it just may be, too. In fact, the game on Monday night reminded me of old ABA, Dr. J-days pro basketball where teams were scoring 140, 150 points (each) per game.

Both defenses were largely ineffective (although the Rams did force 5 turnovers, of which 3 were converted into a total of 21 points). Mahomes threw for 478 yards and 6(!) touchdowns. Goff threw for 413 yards and 4 touchdowns. The three “best” (by consensus) teams are all high-octane, mediocre-defense (Saints, Rams, Chiefs).

I think this is the way the NFL will get around CTE, a new offensive trend. The NFL playoffs should be very, very interesting this year as teams like the Patriots and the Eagles just may not be able to keep up.

By the way, congrats @Liub on wearing the Hat-O-Gold for last week’s SuperBru picks.

eta: Kickoff for the Bears-Lions turkey day game is less than 6 hours away!