The Official NBA Thread


Now it’s tricky. They might actually sneak in the 7-8 seed. Do they want to give dirk one for playoff run and possibly sit him. Or do they say let him play and have fun.

I say his playing time is entirely up to him. He should have the go ahead to walk up to the scorers table and tell rick he is going in next when he feels like it. And walk back to the bench when he’s tired and tell Rick to sub him out lol.


Can’t wait to see Dirk and Doncic clicking on offense. Goosebumps around the arena for sure.


The suns suck lol


D’aaron Fox just showed Luca how good he could be in his second season.


“If you’re not a fan of Luka you’re not a fan of NBA basketball”


6 losses in a row now for Dallas now. A mix of tough opponents, road games, trying to integrate a really slow Dirk, missing Dennis Jr., but the Donc is putting up great performances nonetheless.


0.6 secs on the clock and he makes the three to force OT. Man that youngster is special.


Luka isn’t afraid of the big moments and doesn’t fear failure. I’ve never seen a 19 year old be able to turn bad shooting nights into big games like him. He knows he can play, he has the resume. He is a MVP and proven champion.

I’ve been watching Jeremy play and they really need to trade him to someone who needs a PG. His talent is being wasted in ATL.




I can’t stand Dennis Smith Jr. He’s talented, athletic and all, but it feels to me that there is too much going on in his head. No way Luca would have missed that layup. My guess is Dennis is under an enormous amount of pressure (given to him by himself or the people around him). If he look at him after his dunk, he’s not enjoying himself, looks angry. Luca is having fun out there, he’s smiling and gesturing after heroic shots, that’s the way you win. If you are too tense and self-conscious, you choke. Maybe they should trade Dennis and get a more experienced quality player. Might be good for him too.


Everyone is on the trading block to build around Doncic. DSJ isn’t proven, Luka has been living as a pro with grown men leading his teams to championships and wins since 15? But i’d still give DSJ a chance. He has potential but he doesn’t know how to play as a guard on the NBA level yet. It’s the hardest position of play.



Probably the worst game of Dirk’s long career. 0 for 10, 8 3-point attempts, no points. If he can’t even make spot-up threes anymore, he should only be allowed to play garbage minutes, for nostalgic reasons. All other of his minutes should go to Kleber and Powell. He can’t guard anyone, does rarely grab a rebound and has almost completely given up on his mid-range game. Hard to watch.


He’s fresh off injury at his age. He’s not obviously going to put up 20+ anymore. But he can check himself in and out as he pleases as far as I’m concerned. He earned it.



Another awesome game by Luka. That 3 to seal it was cold-blooded.

Rose should have answered when he had the chance.

Is Dennis Smith Jr. going to be traded?


I only just found out that if you google search a player, you can vote for him for the All Star Game within Google search itself. Of course fan voting isnt the end-all, but it’s kinda cool and convenient.


Not a big fan of All-star games, regardless the sport. Just a bunch of players having a good time. Doesn’t mean much. Only interested in real competition.


Yeah, I do consider it as a personal honor for the players, like an award show, but not so much interested in the actual game.


Well, the winner gets home court for the west or east. It could be the difference between beating GSW or not. Usually they only seriously play the last 5 min


Rumors are that phoenix and orlando are pushing for a trade that will take DSjr out of dallas.

With Paul, Gordon and Capela out, Harden dropped 57 points, outscoring the rest of his team (55).