The Older Lady

Snow White, my advice to you is to get out and make a lot of friends. Friends have friends who can introduce you to possible boyfriends. Then you can pick and choose. But please, don’t be desperate. Guys don’t like desperate girls.

I am not interested in marriage at all. I like my freedom, independence and I want to stay single forever. I think my approach towards freedom and independence attracted some guys, you know to conquer me. But if you are desperate in finding a lifelong partner, that’s a different story. I don’t believe in the ‘love one person forever’ thing. But maybe you do. Just don’t be desperate, or look desperate.

The first few months are not easy. But jump in and get out, meet people.

Don’t underestimate Taiwanese guys. (Oh, and the aboriginal guys are sooooo handsome.) Some Taiwanese men really nice, very well educated and they are very kind. But not so romantic. Don’t expect flowers. But they’ll treat you like a lady. And they never argue or yell, they never throw tantrums. But stay away from Taiwanese first born sons. Remember, they have to take care of their parents and you will be not number 1 on their priority lists. The parents are.

Bob, I don’t agree with you. Taiwan is really not the worst place for a single western woman to meet someone nice. It’s not easy, but really not that hard. I’m really not gorgeous, my Mandarin is really not good. Yes, I’m bright, outgoing and friendly. I don’t live in a big city, I live in the countryside, and it’s really not hard for me to meet nice people. It’s really all about attitude and zest for life. I know some Western girls who don’t even greet other people. How will you meet people if don’t even say ‘hello’. If you’re shy, not so easy. Girls, dont be shy. Get out and mingle.

I am so glad to be wrong about this if I am in fact wrong and the truth is I don’t actually know many white women here so the chances of me actually being wrong are quite high I’d say. I was just commenting on the way things appear to me. You sound like a positive, friendly person and that is going to work just about anywhere I’ll bet.

I think girls in their 30s in Taiwan complaining about dating in general, regardless your race, of course being white doesn’t make it any easier (if not harder). As pukwai said it all comes down to the personalities, however, if you were never the extraversion kind of person, then things might be different. I guess it also depends on if you want to behave like a girl or a woman. People prefer over the other, just be yourself, then you will do fine, you can never impress someone else if you’re not confident enough for being yourself. Of course, if you’re shy by nature, then it might not be a bad idea to leave the shell, not asking you to change personality here, just try to step out the circle. In which ever case you’re, good luck.

P.S. Taiwanese men can be good mannered and romantic

P.S. Taiwanese men can be good mannered and romantic[/quote]

Well mannered :laughing:

Romantic?!?! Yea right, you’ve been watching too much tv lately. :laughing:

hum, demonstrating my “excellent” English skill among bunch English teacher certainly wasn’t a brilliant idea:)

so, Asian men can’t be romantic, nice sterotype you got there. I am a guy from Taiwan in case you’re not aware of.

By the way, ladies, as to the 1st born son comment regarding to Taiwanese guy, well, I wouldn’t jump on that conclusion so quick, it always depends on the individual. The reason I am saying this is because, to me it sounds like I am making a comment about how Asian guys should never date Jewish girls.