The only reason to go to Tianmu is

Haagen Dazs Cafe!! All the other ones in the world SUCK (OK all the other ones that i have seen). They are these sterile coffee shop type places that just serve sweet ice cream!! However, the one in Tianmu is awesome. Like a European House with a garden; i remember many fond hours sat in that garden with easy listening music coming out of the sound system, the sun shining down and of course eating lots of tasty ice cream. I might be biased as i love ice cream, so this is my idea of heaven. But if you haven’t been, check it out. When my girlfriend talked about going there for shopping or whatever, i would only agree because of this place!! Sad, but true :slight_smile:

Hm, yeah, that place is nice… when it’s not overly crowded with people.

its only a treat cos each dish they sell is literally like 1000 calories!!

forget about counting…


I’m burning


a nice place in the sun with movements will offset that.
If you need to burn sone calories, chase some stray dogs/cats/kids, that will keep you busy.

Icecream is good every now and then. :smiley:

Diamond Tony’s is also great, I’m addicted to the smoked salmon salad with cesar dressing. In fact, gimme two of those, and skip the entres…dang, I hate getting old :laughing:

Yeah - the fish wife would say about that place, but wasn’t sure what to make of it!! Some places look better than they eat!! Maybe i should give it a try.

… to lighten-up your wallet :smiley:

You might also want to check out Tutti Frutti, which is just a one-minute walk from the Haagen Dazs. It can be a little tricky to find the store. (It’s inside the same building complex as Wellcome.) The ambience isn’t the same as HG’s, but the people there are friendly and the gelato is great – and many times cheaper than HG. Strongly recommended.

cool -i will check that out at my next opportunity :slight_smile: any involving ice cream is great (ok or gelato). Theres a nice Gelato shop near TaiDa but its really expensive. So hopefully this is equally as good without the price!!

The import section at Carrefour, though I wish they still had couscous and Orangina! And Uli’s for the Merguez, of course! :bravo: