The origins of people's screen names

I don’t know if this has been done before, but I can’t search the archives effectively with a hangover, so…

Why do you all have such strange names? What do they mean?

Is Ironlady some modern-day Margaret Thatcher?
Did Sandman choose his monicker because his postings put people to sleep?
What’s with Boss Hogg, Tigerman, and Mr He?
And could someone please tell me I’m mistaken about Soddom?

I’m Amos because when I was a knacker, I was very small for my age (I’ve since grown much bigger), so the old man used to call a “a mosquito”. That later got shortened to the beginning 4 letters, thus amos.

Sandmans were pretty famous shaggin wagons that were popular in the 70’s, in Australia anyway. That how I made it into this world, thanks Holden, thanks Dad :smiley:

[quote=“tmwc”]Why do you all have such strange names? What do they mean?

What’s with … Tigerman…?[/quote]

Nothing imaginative about this moniker. I wanted to register and needed a name. According to the Chinese zodiac, I’m a tiger.

I didn’t want to use my real name, although several people here know me, including Aierlanren, Sharky and LCN, and I have recently met Attagirl, Ironlady, Mother Theresa, Hexuan and fee.

What does your name mean?

Almas John,
It is a real name, of sorts. That is what my Mongolian friends and co-workers called me when I lived there. I was writing a book (still unfinished ) about the Mongolian version of the yeti which is called “almas.” The locals were always more than a little amused when I asked them if they had seen or heard tales of a big hairy creature because they were looking at one; I weigh in at 120 kg and have enough body hair to carpet an average-sized living room. My real real name is John Ross, family usually call me J.R.

mine is my name, I couldn’t think of a better one, not a clean one anyway

Mine speaks volubly for itself.

Nemesis has a double meaning. In Greek mythology, Nemesis was the divine goddess of retribution, and in modern English it means Enemy. A name pinned on me when I was still working in Canada, since I was always “rewarding” people for jobs well done. And killing them for the opposite. Or something like that…

Also never could stand owing anyone anything…

Mucha Man. Hmmm. Let me think. Why did I call myself that?

I live in the Sandcastle. What else would I call myself? “Boring Fecker” would take too long to type when I log in.

Sandy, I think “Dedicated Racontuer” is more accurate, but that is also too damned long. I am called Tomas simply because I look very much like a Latin heartthrob with my smoky brown eyes, longish hair, and slender physique. Also, I thought “Tomas” was a better name than “Numbnuts.”

Speaking of heartthrobs, an incubus can achieve the same thing without the smoky brown eyes, longish hair, and slender physique. :smiling_imp:

mine is my initial but it just fit to to ax.


Is it toast master’s water closet? We have 14 replies already. But tmwc, what’s the reference of your moniker? You started this thread. At least have the decency to tell us yours. Or are you still hungover?

Hmmm…to reveal or not to reveal…
Aw, heck y’all.

Imani is one of my names. It’s means “faith” in Swahili although my Yemenese friends call me Iman which is the Arabic equivalent. They are one of my families. I have my biological one, of course, but I have two other families that have taken me in as one of their own, one being that of my two Yemenese friends. OU is where I went to school. Okay, nothing more.

Clearly “Sandman” is a reference to the delicate little ditty put out some years ago by Metallica.

Mine is my Chinese name… chosen late one night in the Bushiban pub by a German bloke’s Taiwanese wife. Bizarre as it is, I have met two people in China with exactly the same name. (Advice for newbies choosing a Chinese name: name yourself after the driver of the first taxi you get into in Taiwan - much simpler and less likely to end up with a strange name that everyone laugs at !!!)

Oh, thanks. Now you tell me. I have various things printed on documents issued by the ROC and PRC, all of which are issued by beaurocrats and all of which my students find hilarious.

To answer the Q: Mine came from a TV ad about 10 yrs ago in the UK, featuring all sorts of people calling (I think it was) a motoring organisation and asking questions like “Can you get me a new exhaust system for my Jaguar?” or “Can you start my car for me?”

The operator would always reply “I can’t but I know a man who can,” and one of the ads ended with a harassed looking mechanic being pestered by two little old ladies asking him if he was the man who can.

One day my car broke down, a regular occurence and one I was used to. I was rummaging under the bonnet and my passenger asked if I could fix it, to which the only reasonable answer was “Of course I can - I’m the man who can!”

She thought that was hilariously funny, repeated it to everyone in the pub that night, and it became my standard response to any difficult situation:

“Can you finish it by 8?” - “Of course I can, I’m the man who can!”
“Will you be able to pay for this?” - “Of course I will, I’m the man who can!”
“You’re not really going to go to Taiwan, are you?” - “Of course I am, I’m the man who can!”

So there you go.

I think ImaniOU has the best story so far, especially as it made me realize that she is not an IOU as I had previously surmised. Shall we poll?

Mine comes from one of my favorite movies, “Little Buddha” … plus, I’m a Buddhist … and the TW I think speaks for itself.

Where does everyone get that my name is I’m an IOU? It boggles my mind…as if I would forget to capitalize the second ‘I’. Someone at teased me because they thought that’s what my name was and my first time at the segue shindig people thought that was my name. :frowning: Kinda makes a girl sad.

But thanks for liking the story behind my name, tmwc…it makes me feel better about revealing it and clarifying how to pronounce it…ee-MAN-ee-oh-you.

mine was just a long standing one which I had to adapt because my original name was taken. I use it on a lot of forums, because I’m too lazy to think of another and it’s easy to remember the password because it’s similar each time.


That’s what I thought when I saw your name (originally on tealit I believe). I thought it was great !