The Oscar Pool Picks 2020

Zellweger’s coming in too hot for Johansson to win. It would be a nice surprise if she did, though.

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It’s only available to rent in the US.


If you’ve been following the season you’d know who’s gonna win. There’s very little element of surprise and practically zero room for upsets. Especially this year.

Btw, Parasite is the frontrunner to win original screenplay, not Hollywood. It has a chance to win BP but I doubt it would happen.

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Ugh they need a host. That opening sucked.

Best supporting actor winner:

Brad Pitt.

Found on MOD channel 8.

If you can, watch here

Best Animated Film.

Toy Story 4

Best Animated Short

Hair Love


What’s your point?
“Is the front runner”… I know a few who believe that but. According to who, in this case you’re referencing?

The Oscars are puerile, self-congratulatory and boring as usual. I don’t think I can make it.

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Original screenplay: Parasite!!



Best Original Screenplay

PARASITE :anguished::anguished::anguished::anguished:

You were right.

I’m stoked for them! It just proves at a certain point if something’s good, it can be undeniable.

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Jojo yeaaahhh :v:! Howdy

Best Adapted Screenplay:

Jo Jo Rabbit

Best Live Action Short Film:

The Neighbors Widow

WINDOW, hermana, window.

Don’t kill anyone’s husband!

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Spelling kills. :sunglasses: