The Overdue Critical Race Theory Thread

It’s inevitable that Crackpot Race Theory will become the law of the land. I’m just wondering what it’s going to look like in practice. Will white institutions be dismantled and replaced with black institutions? Will white people be disqualified from positions of power because they’ll taint anything they control with racism? What exactly will the required proof be that racism has been defeated? Will re-segregation be part of the solution?


How do you ‘ban concepts’ the whole idea of that is absurd! Why not have book burnings as well?

McCarthy’s committee also targeted the Overseas Library Program. The Government Committee on Operations of the Senate identified and banned over 30,000 books thought to have been written by communist sympathizers or to contain procommunist themes. Many public libraries across the United States removed these books from their shelves.

from here.

And this -

The 1950s were the height of the Cold War between the Communist Soviet Union and the United States. Senator Joseph McCarthy instigated one of the most notorious waves of censorship the nation has ever experienced. It is largely due to McCarthy’s ‘Red Scare’ that the post office in Providence Rhode Island barred Vladimir Lenin’s State and Revolution from entering the country and being delivered to Brown University. McCarthy also had home-grown classics like Henry David Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience, (1849) which encouraged men to peacefully protest unjust laws, pulled from the shelves of the State-department’s overseas libraries. It was one of more than 300 titles McCarthy had banned or burned

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That’s like saying because the state of New Hampshire can’t adopt National Socialism as its official doctrine but can only talk about it without advocating it that free speech is being abridged.

the bill is to define and prohibit the dissemination of certain divisive concepts related to sex and race in state contracts, grants, and training programs.

Do you oppose to the aim, or disagree to t
definitions of divisive concepts in the bill?

please read the above post as I went point by point over my objections to the bill.

I’m American so I don’t believe in McCarthyism or absurd bans on concepts. That’s CCP territory.

It’s a good thing that’s not what the bill is doing then.


The first post after you went over those points is a question from @tando about the first point, which you didn’t answer, so how dare you? Have you no shame?

You know who else was American? McCarthy.

If you keep repeating this, a generous interpretation is that you’re not a very strong reader.

if you take the language of that bill at face value with a tremendous degree of naivete, and omit context the source of the bill, history, and the rather glaringly obvious political motives behind it, the un-democratic principles behind it and cherry pick those all out, etc.

did you find the smoking gun at the capitol yet?

people see or don’t what they want I guess.

The good thing is this bill will never pass because its dumb, unconstitutional, and impractical.

did you find that whataboutism at the whataboutism store yet?

indeed. they reply the same way, too

You’re absolutely right. McCarthy was American. Atta boy. I’ll bet this could be your PhD thesis even in Canadia.

you’ve stepped it up, I take back everything.

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did you just condescend to an entire country in an effort to deflect from your continuing humiliation? not nice

No, just you. Wherever you’re actually from.

Why do you automatically reply to every one of my posts 24 / 7? I don’t even read them most of the time.

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Maybe if you didn’t keep insinuating that I am a liar I would feel less inclined to point out your BS for the world to see.

We just need one post where I don’t to show that you are full of shit once again, shall I go find one?

You know, I doubt that (but to be fair I’m quite sure you don’t read the links). Anyways, I’m also writing for others who are reading so they can judge your posts/opinions accordingly. Consider it a public service (you know, because Canadians are so civic minded). If you really want to promote CRT, I suggest you stop talking about it.

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I’m not insinuating anyone is a liar. In fact, I wasn’t even talking with you at all. I really don’t care about what you do or who you are, tbh. Sorry to tell you. I was in a dialogue with Tempogain, which was on topic.

Unless you have something worthwhile on the topic of NH banning critical race theory I suggest you find someone else to talk to. Not interested in the back and forth and personal attacks.

In other words, ban them. Especially in places like job training, sensitivity courses, etc. You’re back to the idea of ‘banning concepts’, which is absurd. Kind of like banning books in the 50’s was absurd. Again, very CCP.

I think if people feel the need to ban certain ideas, those ideas must expose them in some way to cause that violent and emotional of a reaction or backlash.

I think the aim is repressing and stifling a discussion of social, poltiical, racial, gender inequities, so yes. I also oppose it because it is an unconstitutional restriction on free speech, and I am certain the bill will not pass for these reasons.

It is bringing a lot of attention to CRT and people have to look at it now, this person that proposed it is like an evangelical pastor trying to ban rap music. It’ll just have the opposite effect. Look how many people here are reading and talking about it now that didn’t know before. It’s like free PR for D’Angelo, etc.

@Tando Would you be ok with the KMT enacting laws with the intention of preventing Aboriginal Taiwanese from discussing their past or discrimination against them? Banning courses on Aboriginal studies in TW unis? Are you Ok with Taiwanese laws stifling discussion of SE Asian workers rights, or dismissing them as anti-Taiwan? That would be comparable. E.g. KMT banning Da-Yi in schools.

I don’t know why you mix discussions on social, poltiical, racial, gender inequities, racist stereotypes, their past or discrimination against minorities, studies on them, and efforts to solve the inequalities, with the dissemination of divisive concepts on race or sex.

Aren’t they totally different things, as CRT is different from attacking white people?

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I would hazard the Chomsky-an hypothesis, that in the absence of something meaningful to say there is a shotgun blast of language to gaslight interlocutors (which is to say, if it looks like it doesn’t make sense that is probably because it doesn’t).

But is it though? I think the jury is still out on this one. Remember those ladders?

Because RW will label


And this law will purport to ban the former by being mislabeled as the latter. This is the point of the ban, you’ve just articulated it very well. Please check out the article I just posted from a Christian pastor in Peak Woke.

I’d also appreciate it if you’d address the other questions I asked you, thanks:

@Tando Would you be ok with the KMT enacting laws with the intention of preventing Aboriginal Taiwanese from discussing their past or discrimination against them? Banning courses on Aboriginal studies in TW unis? Are you Ok with Taiwanese laws stifling discussion of SE Asian workers rights, or dismissing them as anti-Taiwan? That would be comparable. E.g. KMT banning Da-Yi in schools.”

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Translation: dressing the neo-KKK in sheep’s clothing didn’t work so let’s try wrapping it in the flag.

The fact that you think this experience is anything comparable to the KKK shows you really do not have a handle on his material at all, sorry. I don’t think you really understand what the KKK were about or what they did if you are making this comparison.

The idea that racist ideas have influenced the structure of American society doesn’t sound all that extremist. The KKK were violent extremists. So some real false equivalence there. You have never faced anything in your life like the KKK did to certain Americans, and you never will.