The Overdue Critical Race Theory Thread

Crackpot Race Theory: the neo-racist theory that classical racism had it wrong. It’s not black, brown, or yellow people who are inherently morally inferior, it’s white people.

The crazy thing is the student was more right than he thought. The girls are twins. This should be a lesson on not trying to see the world through the lense of race. If that was the intent of the teacher, that’d be more defenseable, though he’d still be terrible for failing to capitalize on it and berating his student in the process.

Jesus I could teach it better than that.

Possible exit strategy? :thinking:

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Maybe he intentionally nerfed it so that he wouldn’t be asked to teach it again.

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Not teaching it at all would be teaching it better than that.

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The failed attempts to elicit the desired response which would presumably lead to a Gotcha! moment were painful.

If the CRT instructor doesn’t care about the responses to his questions then why bother asking for them. He might as well give a lecture and the attendees can listen in silence.


And he had the gall to blame the student :slight_smile:

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I don’t believe that you believe that.

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That’s about where a conversation ends for me. Tougher for students.


If the instructor had said “What you believe is wrong” it would have been kind of OK with me. So long as there was scope for discussion about whether it was wrong or not (which there won’t be with CRT). But, to say that he didn’t believe the other guy could possibly believe something different is mind-blowing.

Quite a strange turn Americans schools have taken. When I was in HS, his answer would have been the PC and “correct” answer to the exact same question. To just see that it’s 2 people chilling was the least racist you could be. Now it’s the most racist?

Good for this prof, this student is asking obviously leading questions with an agenda to bait the professor, and prof doesn’t bite.

This Youtube gotcha pseudo-scholarhip is somehow an emblem of a ‘strange turn’ in the U.S. universities they read about on social media.


In fairness to the person leading this training (if that’s what it is), it says right on the slide “WHAT IS RACE?” So it is pretty obvious what answer is expected.

If the question there had been “what is gender?” or “what is hair color?” the obvious answer would have been “I see two women” or “I see a brunette and a redhead”. If the question on the slide had been, “what is 2?” and there was a picture of “1+1”, I probably wouldn’t say I see a picture of two numbers unless I was trying to make a point about how stupid the entire exercise is.

And it comes back to the fundamental problem of CRT training (and many other ‘social justice’ issues):it only makes sense if you already believe it on faith, and when even a basic challenge is presented there is no decent response. In this case, the trainer has responded by suggesting their participant a liar; this is obviously bad andragogy and creates more problems than it solves.

As pedagogy, this content and approach strikes me as immoral, so if the participant here is a teacher themselves engaging in a little critical thinking, good on them.

Yes, in other words,


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I was just about to compliment you and tell you that minus the third paragraph of predictable drivel about CRT you never read, your other take on that video was not bad.

But then you had to go and add the second part, which is just adolescent personal attacks. Too bad, it looked like you were making progress. You sound good when you stop trying too hard, go with it! :slight_smile:

Hope Taiwan is treating you well!

How meta

If you reject the idea of institutionalized racism outright, isn’t CRTing a non-starter.

The only thing tenet I agree with is that race doesn’t exist.

Well, I don’t.

How about interest convergence?

Fair enough. The trainee (who I presume is an adult teacher) maybe didn’t want to be on the training programme and possibly took umbrage at the insinuation that he viewed people through race.

However, for a trainer to call anyone out as a liar during a training session is, as you say, unacceptable and only serves to emphasise the religious nature of CRT. You’re either a believer or a non-believer with nothing inbetween.

We’ve got a couple of believers on forumosa who will no doubt be chipping in shortly.

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