The Overdue Critical Race Theory Thread

Uh oh. Who would they be?

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A little bit of good news for Americans who like the First Amendment of the Constitution.

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Are you ready?

I should have a draft finished in the next week or two. TIA.

ready when you are. a word document is good for comments and tracking changes, don’t forget to remove all author info so it is a blind review (and so you don’t dox yourself in case i’m a crazy asshole!)

Nice piece.


It sounds like he has a kid who goes to TAS.

Friggin racist!

Interesting development


Local Idaho paper calling out Idaho legislator’s BS CRT canard beautifully.

"And voters will be mobilized to elect people who support their children’s educators.

None of them care a whit about the cause de jour that rallied the GOP — that Idaho kids need protection from teachers who will indoctrinate them with “social justice” and “critical race theory.”

If it takes these radical lawmakers more than 30 seconds to define “social justice” and “critical race theory” — and it will — everyone’s eyes will glaze over. This is not some grievance that has people at home complaining bitterly to teachers, principals, superintendents and school boards. This is an Astroturf agenda item foisted upon the state by an Idaho Freedom Foundation that won’t back up its assertions with evidence."

Editorial: Idaho’s radical Legislature has our attention | Opinion |

Meanwhile, those same Idaho legislators bravely banning a field of study they’ve never read are busy:

A. Banning abortion and impinging on women’s rights:

Idaho GOP governor signs ‘heartbeat’ abortion ban into law - CNNPolitics


B. Getting busted for raping 19 year olds:

Idaho State Representative Aaron von Ehlinger Resigns After Rape Accusation from Intern (

Starting to wonder if these attacks on CRT are part of a greater anti democratic agenda of bullying and intimidation yet? Starting to become too obvious to deny, really.

Or, maybe they’re opposing CRT because they’re opposed to CRT. :slight_smile: Your conspiracy theory is pretty interesting though :nerd_face:

Parents across the country are beginning to organize at the local level after progressives have taken control of municipal institutions to implement their woketopian agenda that redefines the United States as a racist empire rooted in white supremacy.

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Just wow! Disney appears to have gotten into the “white shaming game”.


Why do “systemic racism” and “transphobia” need to be mentioned in the same corporate memo? How on earth are these things related?

I think it’s a bit hard to deny that racism (although it wouldn’t have been called that) factored into the founding of the US, but I’m just pondering on how a settler out on the frontier in 1850 would have responded to an accusation that he’s transphobic and needs to re-evaluate his privilege.


I’m waiting for Snow White reimagined…

Ash Black and the Seven Letters (LBGTQIA)


Snow White Fragility


Source documents included here.

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Snow Rainbow and the 7 Vertically Challenged People


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The Snow White ride has issues with the “non-consensual kiss”!

Non-consensual conception in the Bible. Ban it!

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