The Overdue Critical Race Theory Thread


It’s basically the rest of the article that I haven’t already quoted for you.

Did you do the reading, and do you understand it? What exactly is your purpose here?

I’m trying to understand this as well. Perhaps one is about inclusion, the other is proposing exclusion?

Yes, I read the article before my first post about it. I also read the RFI, and then I went and read the author’s blog.

I wasn’t able to find anything to justify his “concern”. Hence my question: If the only rationale here is “sometimes diversity efforts become CRT” without any additional reasoning, then what possible diversity effort would that argument not apply to?

If he did actually show something specifically (or even vaguely) connecting NASA’s RFI to CRT, then I still can’t find where he did so.

I don’t see that this is the case.

Okay, so what is the rationale? Again, he doesn’t provide one, just three paragraphs about how CRT is bad in schools and a thing about a defense contractor.

Usually conclusions are a good place to look for the central point of an essay:

No rationale there either. So: It doesn’t matter what NASA is actually doing, it is doing something about diversity, and that means it might end up doing CRT.

ok, let us just agree to disagree on this one

Referring to this, maybe?

Or this maybe?

seems clear to me

therefore, if NASA is a space agency that doesn’t have perfect identity representation in every aspect of every program, they should not have taxpayer funding.

no transtronauts? shut it down, use the savings for reparations.

Among other things as @Dr_Milker notes, also various executive orders. Questions with “diversity, equity and inclusion” are what equity means certainly and what methods they plan on using overall. So far Biden’s been pushing a pretty heavy identity politics agenda, it will be good to keep a watch for divisive and coercive CRT-based methodology being applied. If I liked one thing about Trump it was his ban on such practices. In the debates Biden talked about Trump hating diversity for it of course, Trump countered with some of the kinds of practices that that EO was actually designed to prevent, and Biden countered with “That’s not what it is!” Well, we’ll see. Early on in this administration I was very encouraged when Susan Rice appeared on PBS talking about how all people who needed it were going to see help regardless of their race, and that seemed to have been quickly kicked aside and substituted with a horrible policy that combined a race-based initiative with vital help for businesses during a time of extreme crisis. So I’m less than convinced about what we’ll be seeing, personally. The Hill article above basically seems to be suggesting that it is something to keep an eye open about, which is more than warranted in my book.

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sadly, it seems i have not coined this

Critical Race Theory has been debunked! Whew! Glad that’s finally over!

I … haven’t said that, or anything like it. I do think organizations should work toward greater diversity, which NASA is clearly doing, and has a pretty good record on anyway.

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Yeah, I’m … not going to try to defend that one. I can see an argument for prioritizing groups who are most at risk, but it’s not really clear to me why small businesses run by women and minorities would be more at risk from the economic impact of coronavirus.

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All fair enough, but I don’t feel like going on anti-CRT tirades about NASA really makes any sense unless there’s some indication of it actually happening. Their RFI doesn’t seem like one to me.

In discussing differences between Asian American and Black education achievement rates in the United States, Xu said the experiences and historical disadvantages in both communities were “of similar magnitude.”


Is this an example of reverse gaslighting with no backsies?

I’d imagine there will be backsies. But how are any of these partisan op-eds even worth discussing, given that they’re aimed squarely at their own choir and introduce no new information? Every action or position is either CRT or racism, regardless of words used, actions taken, or motive stated.