The Overdue Critical Race Theory Thread

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I think there’s some truth to the claims in here – to a lot of people, “systemic racism” does seem to imply hatred. That’s not how I see it, though. For the most part I don’t think things have been intentionally designed to be racist. They’re just a mess of historical artifacts and careless design. It’s the way every new system in Taiwan forgets that foreigners exist, but extended over centuries (and from a horrific starting point, and without the mitigating factors we enjoy here).

So I’m more interested in looking at the mechanisms than the motivations. It’s hard to deny that American society today doesn’t serve black people as well as it does white people. And sure, there’s a combination of reasons for that, which is what I found interesting about the NYT piece. Also that it was an analysis of data, rather than a moral debate.

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“If the uninformed conservative voices of this country cannot use hate speech and fear mongering to effect school curriculums, then why am I paying $15/month to Trump’s reelection campaign?”

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That’s a great way of putting it. Originally there was a lot of racism in the design obviously, as you say what’s left isn’t overt hatred usually, just artifacts of that design. And nothing wrong with taking the time to comb through those artifacts to examine what’s leftover, with the ultimate goal being equality.


worth watching from the beginning, i’m not sure you meant to start the video near the end

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I did not!

In a foreword, the scholar and activist Cornel West declares that CRT is not just an academic approach but a “politically committed movement.”

I saw him in JFK once. Wild hair.


Very good article.

“it’s a very subtle ideology that permeates”

In other words we can’t find anything in the content and we don’t know what we’re banning.

“Everyone is culture warrior 24 hours a day”


I’m off to dig it up for like the fifth time.

He used to appear at the table many times but never once bought a round. And then writes this.

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Hilarious! Thanks for that.

It’s OK, those of us who do understand support these bans in general (keep it out of the K12 curriculum). John McWhorter, for example. You, also, don’t understand what it is you are supporting yet here you are again trotting out the same lame defence.


More worrying is @Malasang88 does understand what they are supporting and wants it taught in schools.

I didn’t get that impression, I still think this is just culture was for @Malasang88. Take, for example, this recent projection:

The only points @Malasang88 has made are

  1. why can’t we teach kids about racism?
  2. nobody is teaching CRT in schools anyways…
  3. who really knows what CRT is anyways!

These 3 points, which have been defeated ad nauseam on the thread, keep getting repeated demonstrating no deeper understanding of the topic despite the specific educational resources and broader academic/philosophic information that have been presented multiple times in multiple forms.


That last one needs a bit of nuance, it’s more like smelly racist Trump supporters make fools of themselves repeating something they heard on Tucker Carlson which they neither understand nor is true in front of the all knowing wise liberal educators who do understand CRT and need to put up with these fools.