The Overdue Critical Race Theory Thread

by now, @Malasang88 should know better:

edit: i added another paragraph from the quote, since it really helps prove the point

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Perhaps those of you who do understand should hold some kind of training seminar for people like the Florida Citizens’ Alliance, so that they don’t embarrass themselves so badly under even the gentlest questioning.

How are they embarrassing themselves? I’m not up to date on what they’re doing.

Actually I’m not sure John McWhorter is in favor of the bans, he gets asked that question @16.30 in the above clip. His worry is the bans can be misrepresented to mean something other than what people are really concerned about, which is discussed in the rest of the video which I completely agree with.

Check out the interview in the first few minutes of the Vice video above.

fair enough, but he’s hardly pro-CRT

personally, i wish it hadn’t gotten to the point where such bans seem like the only option. if there were room to discuss a variety of options, we wouldn’t be at this point

i don’t think everyone who holds an opinion should be responsible for the least common denominator; there are fools on both sides

for me, it still comes back to what we teach children (my vote is stereotypes and prejudice are a bad thing to teach)

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For sure, but accuracy is important, I was asked about the bans and was of the mind “I don’t know”, it’s ok not to know everything, I can see both sides of the issue.

Ya, I get that the video presents the FCA as being issue driven instead of fact based. It is a video that starts off by saying they are on a “crusade” against CRT. It is also a VICE production where they have the ability to edit their show in a way to present their truth.


agreed, i misstated his position and thanks to you for the correction. my point can stand with the correction, though. and frankly, you were only in a position to point out the error since you have bothered to watch that interview

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Maybe we need an equally respectable video.

Notice that the woman who starts it off is teaching this garbage to a group of adults.

Actually, I’ve made it 5 minutes into this and it is pretty good. I might try the whole hour…

edit: 12 minutes in and i feel i have made a poor comparison, this is way better than anything i’ve ever seen from vice

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No doubt Vice has its own angle, but I have some trouble imagining that the FCA founder laid out a coherent defense of his thesis that CRT was infecting that particular curriculum, and they managed to edit it down into what came out. He specifically says the training material talks about “equity vs equality” but then “can’t recall” whether it actually says that or not. At best he is woefully unprepared for the interview.

Certainly. Still, if these are the people fighting school boards on the issue (in either direction), it’s hard to imagine a sensible result emerging.

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There are a variety of people fighting the school boards on this, it is just easier to straw man by holding up the worst examples. I hold the teachers and professors up to a higher standard than the average citizens, myself.

I don’t imagine a sensible result emerging, sensibility was thrown out the window years ago.

I’d be interested in seeing a version of that interview (or anything like it) that does actually go into the curriculum or training materials in question. I’ve seen some pretty ridiculous stuff from third-party training companies, like the “equitable math” thing I made fun of earlier in this thread. But I don’t immediately recall any examples of officially adopted materials. Any suggestions?

what interview?

Third party companies are often used in the US K12 public system; there are examples up-thread, including one company where the school board is refusing to show what has been taught. That was a fairly recent topic with a few posts…

Read the thread.

edit: i just scrolled up and didn’t have to go very far to find “abolitionist teaching network”, there are other examples on the thread.

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Being prepared doesn’t presuppose validity. I’m with you that he was edited to look foolish.

Seems you mis-read. Even with being unprepared for an interview, he repeated the same points over and over of equity vs. equality and culturally responsive training yet couldn’t point to where that was demonstrated in the training documents that he himself printed out. If the grassroots is relying on buzzwords they can neither define nor point out in curriculum/training materials, then it’s clearly only about being a culture warrior. As evidenced by him blaming “the left” in his interview. If indoctrination were everywhere you should at least be able to point it out. None of the PowerPoints I’ve seen supposedly presented as evidence from Rufo are able to effectively point out this indoctrination either.

Let me know if there’s a happy ending.

Is it possible that the reporter’s advance team told the guy what they would be discussing and at the time of the interview, they threw him a curve ball? It’s very easy to make someone look a certain way through edit and misdirection.

Why didn’t VICE interview that doctor fella or any number of academics highlighting the problems with the issue? Some old South Florida guy being unprepared for an interview is not much of a gotcha.

Edit: And yes, picking the Florida Citizens’ Alliance as the go to experts to denigrate is very low hanging fruit. Anybody with fingers and Google can check their history of batshit crazy issues. It is very disingenuous to cite them as your people of ignorance.

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had to take a break, back on it now. at about 25 minutes she points out that the right fighting this based on partisan lines is only going to result in “two reactionary sides of the same coin” fighting against each other. a lot to like in her opinions, in my opinion!

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