The Page Counter

Hi Gus,

Can you change the page counter so that it displays more then just the next page in a contracted set. For example: the Member lists 67 pages read something like this

| Goto page Previous

Thanks for the suggestion, Chou.

This has been asked for before. I think there is an easy fix over there ( – if I have time, and a connection later, I’ll try to patch it in
(uh, but don’t hold your breath, give me a couple of days to get to this)

Cho: in the mean time you can skip lots of pages by editing the URL in your blowser, you will see blahblahblah&Start=xxxx change the xxxx to some number like 1000, you can jump forward and backwards many pages by changing that number. 50 per page, so adding 1000 will move you forward 20 pages

Thanks Matthew and Gus.


… or you can use that new ‘goto page’ that gus has just added, making me look like a right idiot after saying all that.

Good job Gus!

Your new Go To page # mod works great. That really makes it so much easier to get into big threads.

Also, thanks for that tip Matthew. I wish I’d heard about that way to navigate earlier. Do you have any other good hints on how to use forumosa?

[quote=“Tye Phoodza”]Also, thanks for that tip Matthew. I wish I’d heard about that way to navigate earlier. Do you have any other good hints on how to use forumosa?[/quote]Probably, is there anything you wish was easier ?

Is there a way to search for all threads started by someone - not just threads in which someone authored a post?

I don’t think so, sorry…

Do you mean like this?

sorry matthew :slight_smile:

That doesn’t count, that’s a download that you have to install, it can’t be done with forumosa as it stands now.

Is there anyway to do strikeout ? like bold or italics. Can we put HTML in posts ? The faq says you can if the adminstrations have enabled it, very helpful :unamused:

PS. Lucky there’s an edit button so I can change this post if I’m proved wrong

I can’t install the hack until I get to a “firewall free” machine. My point was that Tye Phoodza’s suggestion is a pretty easy fix.

I’ve always hoped that this feedback forum would be a way for members to communicate to us how the forums can be made even easier for them to use.

And if people can post links like the phpBBhacks links above to potential solutions… all the better.

Thank you, Matthew, for offering your tips to :slight_smile: you’ve taught me a few things, too

Do you mean like this?
That looks about right Gus. That would be a one step solution, right? If so, that would be a good addition to the search query.

There is a roundabout way of doing it now but it is two steps and clunky.

First step: Search for Author: type in a username
That returns all posts
Second step: Sort by author (one of 8 sort options)
That returns all of the post returned in the first search but alphabetized. But then you have to go through and find the username you are looking for.

The reason I wanted to do that was to get an estimate of how many threads a certain well known user here has put up. For example, these three have approximately the same number of posts but I would guess that one of them has started a lot more threads than the other two.

Rascal 1796 posts
formosa 1758 posts
Maoman 1752 posts

When I tried the two step approach I ended up with pages and pages of matches. It was a lot of trouble to go through all the pages to find the threads authored by the user in question.

(For the curious, he appeared in 488 threads, of which approximately 150 were ones he authored.) :slight_smile:

An additional mod might be this:

[quote=“”]Most Active Topicstarter

This Statistics Hack module shows the users who have created the most of topics on your forum.[/quote]

Thanks. I haven’t installed the Stat hack because not all the modules worked the last time. Also, I’m a little superstitious, and a couple of days the stat hack came on, our database crashed (too many queries by the forum overwhelmed our last host, and forced them to shut our account bec it was hogging up CPU time from other accounts)

Please test