The peak woke thread (Part 2)

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Well, that’s one way to scare them off :slight_smile:

can’t be real



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Published in the American Journal of Obvious Results, perhaps?


more accurately said, a PILOT study, which is important as it has a sample size >35. Not to mention a lack of blind interviewing, meaning we have no idea what biases might have been present in the questioning. And 75% of the (again, incredibly statistically irrelevant sample size of like 16-17) mothers of transgender kids didn’t “test positive” for BID, although acc the study they generally scored higher than the average for the mothers of gender conforming kids. And the idea of non-blind interviews leading to hugely skewed results can be seen in the famously shit disgraced former-doctor-turned-scam-artist Wakefield autism pilot, for example, which birthed the modern antivaxx movement. It essentially drew the (for Wakefield’s grift) important conclusion from non-blind interviews with parents, through biased questioning and selective choosing of subjects from the at the time small JABS parent forum, that they felt the autism started after MMR vaccination. Vaccine discussion itself is irrelevant here - of relevance is the effect that the interviews had on the study and it’s oh so important bullshit conclusion.

If you want to do the typical thing and call them mentally ill, you should try doing some research of your own into comorbidity with other inheritable and mental disorders. It’s always good to do your own research to be informed about ur opinions :grin: some of these are even using proper sample sizes! One wonders why we never got a proper study pit of this, but that’s seemingly not that uncommon, so I’ll take my tinfoil hat off for now​:rofl:

Otherwise, there’s an increasing amount of some proper studies, as opposed to just small scale pilots, which goes into biological roots and biological determination. I’ll throw in this comparatively much more recent (2020) article for your consideration. It addresses proper studies as well as throwing in a few pilots. You can try reading it :wink:

I pride myself on actually reading scientific studies, even though I have an admittedly meager background. Someone like Finley would be admittedly better equipped to do so, although in this case chose the easy way out. Such is the value of the echo chamber~~~

(And before you call me a shitlib and write this off, in other threads Ive found studies which address the differences between ftm v female physiology re: sports. So while I definitely know where my opinion on the matter lands, I’m by no means dogmatic or uninformed enough to take an old pilot study for face value :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Just on the face of it, this seems deeply implausible for the simple reason that rates of kids identifying as “transgender”, “gender neutral”, “queer”, or some other made-up, fashionable thing has exploded over the past 5 years or so. Something like 1000%-10,000% increase in incidence, depending on how you measure things. There is no possible way the underlying cause could be “biological” unless we’re talking about a hitherto-unidentified and extremely powerful endocrine disruptor in the environment. That’s not impossible, I suppose, but if it is the reason then the gubmint ought to be moving heaven and earth to find out WTF it is and eliminate it, before humanity becomes collectively incapable of reproduction.

In the absence of any better information, mass hysteria/delusion seems a reasonable working hypothesis given the way various propaganda channels have promoted this sort of thing as desirable - ie., not knowing whether you’re male or female, straight or gay is a route to an instant quadrupling of your social-credit score. Likewise, childhood abuse should be considered the default or most-likely cause in cases of children growing up with messed-up sexuality because this has been known about for a very long time - decades, if not centuries.

Honestly, this has got to the point where it is a losing strategy to even engage with this sort of thing on an intellectual level - and by “this sort of thing” I mean the entire landscape of gender studies, critical race theory, and all the rest of the faux-academic nonsense being published by people who, quite frankly, belong in a nice comfortable institution where they can potter around in the gardens and pretend to be Socrates or Julius Caesar. It’s not even sophistry anymore; it’s complete and utter horseshit, and pretending that it’s anything else gives too much political power to midwits and dangerous people.

I don’t know enough about Wakefield to comment either way, except that I’ve looked into his claims and listened to some of his presentations and I don’t think he’s a scam artist. What on earth did he (or anybody else) have to gain from pointing out a possible MMR-autism link? His career was wrecked. He may be wrong, of course, but the fact remains that autism does indeed seem to be vastly higher than it used to be, and if the claim is “it can’t possibly be the MMR despite an apparent temporal correlation”, then the question remains: what is it then? The idea that it just kinda happened for no reason at all seems a bit suspicious.

As for Wakefield starting the “modern antivax movement” … nah. We all know why and when that happened. “Antivax” was a fringe thing until the authorities decided to force experimental biologics on people under various threats.


One, possibly non-binary, elephant in the room is why are such a disproportionate number of autistic teenage girls identifying as transmen.

There are certainly some questions to be asked.


Seriously, wait for statistical significance sample size before dealing with this?

Clearly. I’d suggest looking a bit more into it and the MMR scare… He wasn’t just wrong, and the science wasn’t just bad, he was actively committing fraud by creating a MMR scare to market alternative, seperaten vaccines for the M and the M and the R, but more broadly creating an atmosphere of fear around them

I’ll get back to the rest when I have time.

Suffice for now to say, I don’t entirely disagree.

Got a date to go on and just waiting for her to arrive which should be… Just about now :sweat_smile:

On topic!?

We need tolerant, inclusive psychopathic gangsters



Good for a chuckle…

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Vicky Sprat lol. Can’t be real, right?

Jack Sprat’s great-great-great-great granddaughter?

He was clearly bi at least. A true pioneer.

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Especially if you read it in a loud, whiny, hectoring voice. While people have possibly said some mean things about Megan Markle, as they do about pretty much any other celebrity, Fox has been the target of repeated lawfare and vicious media attacks, despite being guilty of not very much except trolling and taking the piss, and doesn’t appear to have much ‘privilege’. He’s visible because he just keeps getting up after being knocked down.

I’m guessing Vicky Spratt is single.


Probably identifies as a nonbinary two-spirit couple…


I made it one paragraph