The peak woke thread (Part 2)


There would certainly be no DEI in a ‘Free, free, Palestine’. Women, homosexuals, and religious minorities would have no freedom under Hamas. From the river to the sea only men with smelly beards would be free.

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That was a moment of pure crickets breaking forth in the press room. Lol

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Pride festival in Albany, NY.

Looks uhm, prideful?

The pretentious looking kid in the background seems ironic in some respects.


Is peak woke just being gay now?

yes yes they’re wearing funny outfits and some are rather fucking overweight. As to the former, it’s a festival, and to the latter, it’s in America. What do you expect :sweat_smile:

or is that like the transgenderism a mental illness psyop children brainwashing implement

All the gay people I’ve ever met just dress and act like anybody else. Many (most?) of them, you wouldn’t even be able to guess their bedroom proclivities unless you knew them well. Those clowns in the photo obviously have issues that go waaaay beyond just being gay.

No. But this bring out your inner creep seems to have seeped into peak woke territory.

That said, I have a clown bias. :idunno:

Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas fails in challenge to rules that bar her from Olympics (

One small step for – uh-- man, one giant leap for – uhm-- never mind…

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