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I might be that a-hole. It seems to me that any time you put an adjective before justice it’s no longer is about justice. Of course, the devil is in the details. If there is a definition or implementation of social justice which isn’t inherently racist and doesn’t undermine actual justice, I might be for it. But, then again, it would seem to just be justice at that point.


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It seems LinkedIn took down this training program by Robin DiAngelo (which is where Coca-Cola got it from) after protests.

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Wait, is overt racism wrong again?

To be clear, I think that garbage like this should be platformed so that everyone can see what people are thinking and arguing.

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Here’s two that were pretty easy to find with a simple net search.

Definition of social justice

: a state or doctrine of egalitarianism the causes of human freedom and of social justice

— Sir Winston Churchill
promote the common good and social justice — G. J. Schnepp

Social justice is justice that follows the principle that all individuals and groups are entitle to fair and impartial treatment. Social justice attempts to prevent human rights abuses. Social justice is based on notions of equality and equal opportunity in society. It focuses on the full and equal participation of all citizens in economic, social and political aspects of the nation. Social justice can also refer to advantages and disadvantages distributed in a society. Social justice derives its authority from the codes of morality in each culture and differs from culture to culture. United Nation’s objectives of social justice policies include social, economic and cultural rights, including right to an adequate standard of living; right to work and equal pay for equal work; right to education; and right of minorities to enjoy their own religion, language and culture.

Social Justice Law and Legal Definition | USLegal, Inc.

2 Definitions of social justice off the web in .0005 seconds. Anything disagreeable here?


Certainly in common parlance “social justice” is associated with the kind of limited intellect and low character that believe straight white men are the root of all evil, by accident of birth. But to want a fair and just society is I think a noble goal; I just don’t believe the self-righteous SJWs are working towards that (and neither do you, I’m sure).

The poster, for starters, who doesn’t seem to grasp that when you call people lying racist hypocrites, that isn’t justice. Also, how dare you reference Churchill, have you no shame?*

*just kidding, we all know you don’t

And please, don’t cry out that this is a personal attack, because unless someone I respect calls me out for it I’ll just point to this

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The question posed was:

about the two above posted definitions of social justice. Which was surely read over and carefully considered before posting something about yourself instead.

You seem to have missed my Churchill comment, how embarrassing for you.
And also the whole point of the conversation, come to think of it.

Yes, I saw you copied and pasted a quote from Churchill.

Anyways, I’ve asked a clear question and no need to further engage with you until you’re prepared to answer it.

Good day.

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I’m intrigued to see how he’s going to try to spin his way out of this one.

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I imagine he thinks he’s already got me on this one

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Gave me a chuckle on a Wednesday morning, which is never a bad thing.

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True enough- ‘social justice warrior’ is a phrase commonly used by those on the right, who definitely are of limited intellect and low character.


The first time I heard it, in 2014, that wasn’t the case. But I’m not going to argue there aren’t such people on the right. Anyways, @MikeN1, what do you think of my Churchill quote?

What Churchill quote?


Careful now. He’ll start demanding apologies if you keep that kind of talk up.

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Note that I haven’t asked for an apology from you, at least not that I recall. You now exist only for my amusement.

That links to a post from @McNulty but it doesn’t have that quote in it, was that actually said?

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Yes. That day he called me a liar, a bigot, a racist, and a hypocrite. All in one day. That was when I decided not even an apology would do. It was a good thing I kept the quote in my response, because he edited the original.

Here’s the hypocrite one, it was in the same reply. I don’t know how easy it will be to track down examples of him calling me a liar (there have been several) and a bigot (only once) but I don’t think it is necessary. Going back to my strategic quote from an article yesterday:

#peakwoke #SJW

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