The peak woke thread

Gave me a chuckle on a Wednesday morning, which is never a bad thing.

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True enough- ‘social justice warrior’ is a phrase commonly used by those on the right, who definitely are of limited intellect and low character.


The first time I heard it, in 2014, that wasn’t the case. But I’m not going to argue there aren’t such people on the right. Anyways, @MikeN1, what do you think of my Churchill quote?

What Churchill quote?


Careful now. He’ll start demanding apologies if you keep that kind of talk up.

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Note that I haven’t asked for an apology from you, at least not that I recall. You now exist only for my amusement.

That links to a post from @McNulty but it doesn’t have that quote in it, was that actually said?

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Yes. That day he called me a liar, a bigot, a racist, and a hypocrite. All in one day. That was when I decided not even an apology would do. It was a good thing I kept the quote in my response, because he edited the original.

Here’s the hypocrite one, it was in the same reply. I don’t know how easy it will be to track down examples of him calling me a liar (there have been several) and a bigot (only once) but I don’t think it is necessary. Going back to my strategic quote from an article yesterday:

#peakwoke #SJW

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Don’t feel bad. That means you won the argument.


In perpetuity, as far as I’m concerned

Well, at least until the next time he gets banned and sets up a new account. Then the fun can start all over again.

I’m too new to remember homersimpsun, but several people have pointed out (in PMs and publicly) that this is clearly the same poster, so next time i’ll know. still, i think we’ve had some hilarious exchanges. i was thinking of setting up a greatest hits thread but it is probably against community standards (and rightly so)

Ah, to be young and wet behind the ears again… :slightly_smiling_face:

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Ah, the original was edited would explain it. Best to let the moderators handle personal insults, which in this case I certainly would have removed the post if I had noticed it, probably why it was edited.

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It’s already happened. Can’t you tell?

Isn’t the original still on file somewhere, as it were?

Homer left willingly, he wasn’t banned.


Seems like that might be happening. I’m curious how many people on here have second accounts. I’ve never thought about doing it, would be a waste of time and against the rules, obviously.

I’m always curious when a new poster joins and heads straight to IP.

Well said. I never understood how that’s an insult. Do people think social justice is a bad thing?


Perhaps it’s because you are of limited intellect and low character?

TT, I think, explained why earlier.

“Social justice” is a tautology. Justice is of course a good thing. “Social Justice” implies that there is some sort of transcendent Justice that’s even better than common-or-garden justice.

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