The peak woke thread

I know, right, so woke to cherry pick out of context to try and make some kind of political point

Perhaps one’s inability to know that that is what one is doing is the difference. Not everyone comes here to win the internet.

Anyone reasonably self aware would realize you bash ‘woke’ culture solely to score political points.

Thousands of Forumosa posts.

Don’t you ever get tired of talking shit about other posters?

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I don’t know what political point scoring involves really. When does one win? What is a high score? I try and look at politics as a manner of legislating the laws of a nation, so yeah, eat me.

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I completely agree with that actually. I never do things to ‘score political points’. It’s a dumb idea. I see politics the same way. You’ll have to holler at your boy about the points nonsense, because it came from this:

It’s really not a worthwhile idea, we agree. It’s amazing how much we can agree on.

I’ll pass on that, you can work that out between you.

“National Geographic”

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You’ve put the name of the website in quotes. Should readers just infer your argument or is one forthcoming?

Yes. It’s quite obvious.

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OK. Interpret that as " the word racial appeared in a FB post andt it triggered some feels".

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OK, maybe not obvious for everybody. :grin:

Screenshot 2021-04-09 004850

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Wonder if United Airlines will now be looking to have 50% of their stewardesses be straight men :thinking:

Lack of a thick skin:


Looks like some have lost the plot. Out with the old religion, in with the new! It may well catch on, it’s always easier to hate than to love.

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I wonder which god she thinks she’s praying to. I suspect there are some that will listen.

Frankly, she sounds mentally disturbed.

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Sometimes I think the reformation was a mistake

This hate of the woke infidels is its own sort of religion at this point.

Who hates who?

Interesting, I recall you saying before we shouldn’t criticize wokeness. Now you’re trying to turn this around on me. Try reading the article. You’re comfortable with that?

I said the term woke itself is a dog whistle for RWers. I did not say the above.

you ve posted about 30 000 articles like this witb great zeal about woke infidels and how they are poisoning society with their witchcraft. Is this one any different?

oh and a piece not from. Wash exam the lying rag of lies would be cool. A less religious media source please.