The peak woke thread

Everything is subjective to the woke, man, woman, violence, Nazi, the list goes on and on, although they don’t seem to get in their attempt to combat “violence” against one group they offend another, the recent attempt to call pregnant women “birthing people” being one that springs to mind. Doesn’t it cross their minds that referring to people as “birthing people” it kind of sounds like you are referring to women as cattle. :roll_eyes: Anyway, no reasoning with the “woke”.

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I’m woke. So what? Just means I’m paying attention. The smear is that it means you’ve been indoctrinated into some ideological bent not yer own.

As a grammar Nazi, I can’t be “woke,” only “awake.”

Woke is a non-count noun, Mr. Nazi. Not an adjective.

I guess that means you’re not a woke person after all.

Woke has been accepted as an adjective for several years. I know this because I is woke.

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It works fine if you think of it as a metaphor. “I’m water.” for example. “I’m woke.”

I don’t expect you Nazis to know everything, btw. There are clearly things you all are better at.

And Trump was a Russian asset too. So, there.

Now you’re just being silly.

I have been accepted as silly for several years.

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Could one be accepted as woke and silly, adjectivally?

He’s a silly woke.

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Beginning to think “woke” is the past tense of “wank.”

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I’m all woke out?

Is there any other?

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That sentence definitely works.

Who’s silly now!

What’s the collective noun for a group of people who consider themselves woke?

Joe Biden’s paramilitary online content checkers?


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