The peak woke thread

They did. They didn’t say “Are you woke”? They asked if people “see themselves as woke to the extent that they understand the term.” That’s a completely specific question about people’s self-identification.


Exactly, swap out the “woke” for some other group of people like “trekkies” who if you happen to be an actually trekkie probably see themselves as cool and hip compared to the rest of the population who just see a bunch nerds on par with trainspotters and much the same result, perception from within and perception from outside.

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Sure. They actually allowed black children to be Mouseketeers in the second run from 1975-1977, though not in the first series, which you depict above, from 1955-1965- it was firmly whites only, though it had black special guests. Woke people regard that as progress, though many people long for what they regard as the good old days.

The vast majority of people regard that as progress, the woke just want to use it as a wedge between different ethnic groups.


Bullshit. Who? Who is saying this? And how do you know what people long for?

A boy can dream, right?

Why dream for that?

Dunno. Ask Mike.

It’s the same thing. Based on a subjective definition of the term, that isn’t provided.

Yes, lots of polls ask questions like this. It doesn’t mean they achieve anything, or prove anything of value.

Which is why I already pointed out the example of the people who identify as democrat or republican, and how those numbers would change greatly if you drilled down on policy details embraced by the respective parties.

So you think some people are really not who they say they are? As opposed to not being able to articulate why they identify as they do?

I did an issue test sort of thing in 2016 and the results said I was a Hillary supporter by issues. They never asked if I thought Hillary and Bill ran the biggest grift scheme evah…well until Joe Biden came along and whupped them good. Useless things that seek only to confirm or deny bias. May as well ask me what was the make and model of my first car. Which is just data that can be used to get at my credit cards or some shit.

Not saying it does. But it’s clearly not “the same thing”. It’s just looking into how people identify :man_shrugging:

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And without a definition attached to the term in the poll, it serves no productive purpose.

Someone else mentioned it’s the same as asking someone they’re a trekkie.

No, because there’s not a lot of ambiguity in the trekkie question. But your definition of woke, and someone else’s definition of woke, can easily be different.

I personally think of ‘woke’ as a kind of social justice overreaction much of the time, so I might answer no.

But if you ask me if I’m aware of systemic injustice, etc, I’d say yes.

And someone else could think woke and the specific question are synonymous.

So is useful information gleaned from this poll? The answer is, definitely not.

A useful question - not one where people use it to play semantics agenda games - would be something like the one I mentioned…using the dictionary definition:

Do you consider yourself alert to injustice in society, especially racism?

There, now you have some information gleaned from a poll that somewhat serves a purpose.

Even that question isn’t great though, because it’s leading.

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You don’t care if people self identify as woke. But some people might. Hence, this poll question designed to find out. Sometimes it is interesting to know how people think about themselves. And nothing lost by asking.

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[quote=“Dr_Milker, post:3696, topic:186602”]
oligarchy [/quote]

The problem with the American Oligarchy is that it uses the political arm of democracy to recruit. It’s no wonder we get young, dumb Reps, on both sides, who wanna ride their own pants up the flagpole and then sell out, blame the swamp, and smoke weed with Rogan and tell him how bad it is and how happy they are to be out and working to fix…wait for it…the media! from the inside out, like they couldn’t do with the DNC or RNC.


This is too funny. Of course a white woman named “Karen” thought she could improve an ancient Chinese comfort food. But on the other hand, why are all these Asian academics demanding an apology? What happened to just ignoring horrible interpretations of dishes and letting them fail on their own?

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Are Asians going to apologize to Italians for trying to “improve” pizza by adding absolute shite to it?


What? You don’t like imitation crab meat?

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Call me a picky eater, but it doesn’t tickle my fancy. Same as the pigs blood on pizza.

Or corn? :face_vomiting: