The peak woke thread

What about when Dominoes added boba to their pizzas a couple years ago. One of my students brought some to class and offered me a slice. “Haha no thanks! :sweat_smile:

The real Karens in that article are the Asian academics.


They should be focusing their ire on the very real discrimination from Harvard admissions instead of this boo sheet.


You cannot preach equality and a level playing field, but still advocate the “obliteration” of a demographic of the population. And thankfully, the Judge agreed.

Ugh. This goes somewhere and Peak Woke is somewhere. Rochester, NY. City of dreams and light. :face_vomiting:

For decades, print and broadcast media have been dominated by liberals, but Facebook, Google and Twitter have developed a stranglehold over the delivery of news which exceeds anything that the three major broadcast networks and a few national newspapers every enjoyed. If they suppress a story or a line of argument, it largely disappears from public view. And to the extent that it lingers, it can be stigmatized by these multibillion-dollar companies as “misinformation” or “fake news.”

Speech suppression is evidently habit-forming. Which is why a constitutional amendment was passed back in the 1790s guaranteeing “freedom of speech, and of the press.” Or is that obsolete in these modern times?

Wow, when you lose Cillizza… :popcorn:

Unemployment crisis indeed for mascots

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This is just too good to not be in this thread.

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I prefer a pud of woke.

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whatever your politics, chik-fil-a on the thruway is such a fucking horrible idea - dedicating one of the limited options to a place closed on sunday? fuck that.

Never ending:

She’s presumably OK with teaching table manners that are biased against left-handed people.


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It’s gooood.

It’s a fast food chicken sandwich salt bomb. maybe, slightly, better than the average fast food chicken sandwich (I’m not sure I actually even agree with that), but there’s only so much flavor in a skinless chicken breast (not much - probably why they dump so much salt on it). The fries are worse than average - they get chewy and gross super quick. Never understood the love (same with in-and-out btw - thin, dry burgers, crappy fries, but whatever).

That’s cause you don’t know the Tik-Tok hacks. :rofl:

You can’t whatever that.

The burger, I can give a pass to, because most small fast food burgers are kind of crappy and dry, and at least in-and-out’s are fresh. The fries though, are unforgivable. Soggy and limp, even when fresh from the fryer.

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Time to bring a little racial justice to your vegetable crisper. :grin:

That black market pricing? I’m unsure of the exchange rate.