The peak woke thread

You don’t deserve the honorific Dr is all I’m saying…

Oh, but I do. Schedule an appointment at my clinic and you’ll find out.



I suppose blonde is a color…?

I’ll pass on the book, but the write up is worth while.


Wake up time!

Old news jd :slight_smile:

At this point it’s all just a bullshit-flinging competition.

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Tough to say the write up is worthwhile without looking at the book given how loaded the review is - there’s many claims in the review, right from the start, that I’m guessing is the author of the review’s language and not the author of the book’s, especially given that claremont institute seems to skirt the boundary between somewhat serious and crazy alt-right. I find it extra amusing that the reviewer castigates the book for being heavy on emotion and light on analysis, when the review itself lays it on extra heavy. ;D This doesn’t appear to be a book review per se - it seems to be more of a defense of right wing positions on race (but slavery existed elsewhere, not all whites in america supported slavery, there weren’t really that many lynchings, slavery was worse elsewhere, etc, etc (but he’s not indulging in whataboutism, as he tells us. ;D)).

Slam them for a slow correction if you want, but the numbers the NYT quoted doesn’t seem particularly problematic given what MS officially put out:

you should google the author

Ok, done.

Edit: uh, so was there anything you wanted to discuss about him or anything specific you wanted me to consider? :wink:

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Latin-X? :thinking:

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“Scientific American”

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They’re doing the same with He-Man. He’s now going to be known as Xer-Person.


They based their thesis off this video.


Every time I think of the racists running the JEDI Anti-Oppression Task Force at the Taipei American School, I think they are sullying the name of the Jedi. And the Jedi shat away the whole galaxy, so that’s saying something.

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Good point. I seriously doubt the Jedi would want to be associated with dark-side JEDI forces.

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OK. It’s not the numbers that bothers me. It’s the malicious intent.