The peak woke thread

He basically proved his point, that all this wokeness crap is out of control. Good for him. He certainly doesn’t have to worry about less newspaper coverage of his strip.

Making fun of corporate culture for 3 decades? Okay.

Making fun of ‘woke’ culture for 3 weeks? GONE!

And I’m not even a fan of this strip… but he definitely proved a point on his way out.

I’ve posted this several times, but I think it’s so good and revealing that one more time won’t hurt.

Hopefully the students are planning to put on some giant fake boobs and go to class. Just to show how ridiculous this is.

Repost. He didn’t get cancelled for wokeness.

maybe you can debate that with him on Twitter:

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No thanks. No point in trying to convince someone who believes he’s being persecuted. Red and Rover and all the other comics must’ve been on an anti woke crusade too.

Not very woke, not very woke at all.

The problem they have is the way they come across. I agree with them, but wouldn’t want to spend any time with them. This is an issue with progressives.

You do? Which part?

I guess bodily autonomy

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This is like Onion News Network.

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It’s already been posted, but a person’s right to decide what to do with their own body. Obviously I understand that this is an issue.

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One might think that was a good enough point (among many others!) without resorting to “HA HA HE’S GAY!”, “I have family, he no have family”, and “I think his argument hurts him politically–oh and I’m totally opposed to it.”


That’s my point


Cancel culture doesn’t exist, they said

“so stupid”

People are paying money for this? :face_vomiting:

The ex-NAACP chapter president — who was embroiled in scandal after being outed as falsely posing as a black woman — joined the subscription site OnlyFans last year, sharing frisky photos for fans who forked out a fee.

That last line is what makes the post THE post.

I wonder if there’s a market for raunchy pictures of a 52 year old balding bloke? If I could get 1000 subscribers I’d be game.

Rule 34

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