The peak woke thread

Another article about England taking a knee.

Southgate said at his press conference ahead of his side’s clash against Iran: 'We’ve discussed taking the knee and we feel we should. It is what we stand for as a team, and we have done for a long period of time."


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I’m completely embarrassed to be British these days. The country is a laughingstock for multiple reasons, and they seem completely oblivious.

England will be displaying other forms of activism during the Iran game, with captain Harry Kane set to wear a One Love armband promoting inclusivity and LGBTQ+ rights.

Kane could potentially face a fine or even a yellow card before kick off for breaching FIFA’s equipment regulations by wearing the armband.

Mark Bullingham, Chief Executive of the FA, has previously said that England are willing to be fined for wearing the armband as it was ‘really important to show our values’ at the World Cup.


He probably won’t be fined. Nobody will dare to speak out against woke for essentially the same reason the Iranian public won’t speak out against their own brand of theocracy.


Obviously 94 percent of England are racist homophobes so the FA should ignore them.

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Happy Thanksgiving,

Love, The Nation :turkey: :pray: :baby: :coffin: :wink:

I’m pro-choice (well… up until 15 weeks at least) but those articles are sick. It should be a solemn last resort when there’s no other recourse, not something to celebrate or toast.


The Grauniad is becoming disconcertingly non-woke.

My theory about this is the woke have become so religiously bat-shit crazy and misogynistic even those at Grauniad Towers have had no choice but to sit up and take notice.


Remember when they were going to create a whole new economy?

I guess anti woke and credit cards made from bullet casings is not enough of a business model.

That’s peak peak woke!


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I saw that. I’m pondering who’s going to be offended by the m.

They should have changed to an unpronounceable symbol to be safe.

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M might become a pejorative

I’ll say m-animal from now on.

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Africans or people of African descent I’d imagine.

Either you’re joking, or it’s already happening.

No just trying to scare you. Serenity now!

By this logic, won’t we have to change the name of the animal itself and any other word including it? Will zoos have “m houses”? Will kids play on “m bars”?

And racists will have to resort to saying m, n, or c…xyz!