The peak woke thread

A new book, “Lesbian Genius”, suggests that women should banish men from their lives. Its author, Alice Coffin, a lesbian activist and Paris city councillor, says she no longer reads books by men, nor watches films made by men, nor listens to music written by men. No more Voltaire, Truffaut or Daft Punk, then. We need, she declares, to “eliminate men from our minds”.

What’s interesting is that it’s not men who are upset from what she Saudis, but other women. I think she also advocates for being lesbian to get rid of men.


heh it’s like a bizzaro Gayniggers from Outer Space
(although that one was intended as comedy)

But if there are no more men, there’ll be no more lesbians either…unless they’ve figured out how to reproduce asexually.


Keep Teh Grauniad afloat with this one weird trick.

In the US, trust fund kiddies would bail them out.

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Alice Coffin is famous in France for being a caricature of feminisn: man hater, short hair, square jaw, lesbian.

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And this is why, folks, the green movement is not successful. If it weren’t for wingnuts like this alienating everyone except other wingnuts, the world’s ecosystems would probably be in a much better state. There are not many people who actually think environmental desecration is a good thing, but when it’s discussed in these terms, it ensures 90% of those who might be onboard with practical, realistic measures to make things better just turn away in disgust.

If you gave these guys a shotgun and a case of shells, they’d point it right down at their foot and start blasting away.

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Yeah, this flavor of idiocy is largely what prevents new sign ups.

And even if they stick, the other shoe drops: the constant predictions of “we only have 12 years” before environmental armageddon, followed 12 years later by no armageddon and cold winters, cool spring, hot summers, gorgeous fall. Walk away.

It’s a 1-2 (and self-inflicted) punch that’s guaranteed to keep green energy on the back burner in the US.

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It drives me nuts. As you’ve probably guessed I’m big on restorative agriculture, renewable energy, etc., simply because it works better than what we’re doing right now. In many situations. Not all.

These supposed Friends of the Earth are just … not. At least BP spun off a renewable-energy company instead of wittering on about inclusivity.

Just had a flashback to AIDS Skrillex:

I hear this guy’s voice anytime I apply for a job…

You're a Fucking White Male

They’re a couple now? :thinking:

Waiting for them to change the name to Orex…

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Their favorite variety is double stuff lol.

That wasn’t an accident.

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Worst Bond theme song ever? Discuss.

I agree. No need to discuss.

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