The peak woke thread

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Men should be seen and not heard.


Except for male comedians, who are objectively funnier!

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“unwomen”. Is this a new word?

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This is being rolled out for a reason. And it is not to make society any better:

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You really shouldn’t feed bears.

so … um, does this mean, say, goats are OK? If it’s like a respectful relationship and stuff?

Asking for a friend.


Wishing to remain a virgin, Polyphonte fled to the mountains to become a companion of Artemis.

Yeah, we know what that means

This provoked the ire of Aphrodite, the goddess of love and procreation, who viewed Polyphonte’s decision as a personal affront. To punish Polyphonte for failing to honor her womanly duty, Aphrodite drove her mad and caused her to lust after a bear.

Artemis was disgusted with Polyphonte and so turned the wild animals against her. Fearing for her life, Polyphonte was forced to return to her father’s home.[2]

Birth of the Bear Twins[edit]

Once at home, Polyphonte gave birth to two humanoid bear-like sons, Agrius and Oreius (the result of her union with the bear).

Imagine, college students reading stories about those filthy ancient Greeks. University students should be restricted to A Children’s Bible (the pure parts version, not stuff like Lot’s daughters having sex with their father, unless it’s used to teach girls to be obedient when Daddy wants some.)

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Send your kid to school, unlearn them when they get back or homeschool them. These people are a cancer:

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More madness at school:

I don’t have any particular issue with this:

However, does anyone know why “Shinfield” is potentially racist? I’ve looked online and can only find a village called Shinfield.

EDIT: Brainfart! The Black Boy is in Shinfield. I thought there was a pub called Shinfield. This dirty martini’s gone to my head.

These new terms seem to be made up each week. Round table clowns deciding language.

I know right, ‘American Supremacist’. Give me a break!

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Why is it always either an associate professor or a PhD student? She’s made a name for herself if nothing else.

That’s the goal. Soon she’ll be on CNN.



Trust the science (the side of it we like):

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Awomen for that.