The pen game

One, while twirling a pen between his fingers, says, “This is the pen game, pen game, pen game…” Then, ceasing twirling the pen, asks the other, “Is it a pen?” The game, apparently, lies in deducing the ontological status of the potential pen (pen or not pen) following any given twirl (whether “yes, it’s a pen” or “no, it’s not a pen”).

Anyone familiar with this game?

I assume you have to be either living in a universe in which quantum effects have major macroscopic consequences, or stoned out of your gourd to play this game. So, no.

I’m just curious: is it permissible to use telekinesis to alter the ontological status of the pen, or is that cheating?

That’s precisely the kind of thing I’m trying to figure out. My friend Stef introduced me to this game on a trip to the back country of Yunnan many years ago, and I lost touch with Stef before realizing that I had never learned the trick, or rules (if any), to the game, and it’s been preying on my mind ever since. Or am I just a sucker for a mystery? Or just a sucker, period?