The People’s Republic of Australia/NZ

I agree that the aim is for the two to meld, and thus that entity will run everything. It’s being done right before our eyes, live, and in color.

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Right, I might nit pick on a couple of things he said. But I think the powers that be have decided global warming is the biggest threat we face, that unless big changes are made in the control aspect of things, we are all going to blow smoke up each others asses for the next 50 years.

Basically they need a compliant society. Like you have in China where even speaking out against the official state narrative will land you in prison.

Bloody hell.

That does sound unpleasantly like what’s going on here.

As for the global warming aspect: it’s clearly a problem of sorts, but it’s a problem that just drops out of all the other problems they’ve caused … which is why its insoluble as an isolated problem. They don’t know that, of course. They’re going to shove the planet over the cliff trying to “fix climate change” in much the same way that they “fixed” COVID. And of course when it all goes disastrously wrong, they won’t even understand why. It’ll probably be our fault for not adequately complying with their halfwitted plans.

Surprised nobody’s mentioned this.

That particular take is important because it shows that the Establishment - including the judiciary - is very much of the view that COVID vaccines and endless boosters are the most important issue in the world today. But hopefully this judgement starts NZ on the long road towards unwinding the entire narrative, and - who knows - one day Ardern might even see the inside of a prison cell for the damage she’s done to the country.


You really are clueless aren’t you?

Just in general, or about something specific?

I’m pretty sure I read the article correctly. The judge ruled on a very narrow issue - because that’s how the Law works - but the fact that he ruled in the direction that he did opens the possibility of further successful action against the government.

I don’t have any illusions that We The People are going to win in the short term. They appear to have a solid game plan and they’re going to laugh like the maniacs they are as everything turns to shit on schedule. But at some point, people like that get their comeuppance.

Hehe I love this, made me smile.

The unhinged psychopath is leaving his job.

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People are allowed to vote in Australia, and they used that power yesterday to put their boots into the posterior of the Conservative (Liberal/National Coalition) Government. The Labor Party have come out ahead, though whether they will need the help of a couple of Independents has yet to be determined.

Anthony Albanese will be the new PM.


So is the new PM good for Taiwan?

He should be yes. Just has not (yet) got the loud mouth of his predecessor.

Mind you, I don’t doubt that much of the goading and taunting of the PRC in recent years by the Australian Government has been as a result of the USA giving them a prod in the back.

One scholar at Australian National University thinks so. This story explains why.


Nothing will change there (bar the rhetoric) that was not going to happen anyway.

He is in Japan so I will try keep updated on the news !

Just swell in the land of totalitarianism:

Meanwhile, this is another farce where money is to be made for certain people:

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Two good actions; can see how Covid deniers and global warming fans wouldn’t like them.

I love NZ. Anyone who mixes that place up with Beijing-style governance may need a new pair of glasses.


Anyone who can’t see the similarities in governance between the two may need a new pair of glasses. Refer to “house arrest” notice above, Shanghai-style!

Many people love China as well. Including it seems, Jacinta Ardern. Some of these so-called western countries such as NZ pretend they are “freedom-lovers” when speaking publicly, yet love to imitate CCP-style governing :crazy_face:

It’s all the same totalitarian poop, but with a kiwi flavor.



I take it you are not a fellow fan of NZ.

To each his own. :person_shrugging:


House arrest for not taking experimental vaccines from companies that exist to make profits is good? Lefties are more than only Draconian.
I guess you support masks for cows to save the planet too:

A funny scam at least.

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