The People’s Republic of Australia/NZ

In Australia, a 5th shot (3rd Booster) is not yet allowed. I wanted to get the Moderna Bi-valent as #5 as its almost 5 months since I had #4, even made the appointment and showed up, only to be told that they are not permitted to administer a 5th dose. So unless they change their rules soon, #5 will be done in Taiwan (who don’t even know I have had #4 yet, as it was done in Australia, so that might be interesting, though my partner succeeded).

Go get 'em, tiger!

The next shot, that is :slight_smile:

Hope they allow it for you soon.

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I suspect that I will be back in Taiwan (only 3 more weeks to go) before Australia allows #5.

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Me, too. She did an excellent job of steering NZ through Covid, as did our own President Tsai. I know some people are upset that tens of thousands mote NZers and Taiwanese didn’t die for freedum, but you get nuts everywhere.


Ardern said that her decline in the polls was not behind the decision to leave.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha

“I’m not leaving because I believe we can’t win the election, but because I believe we can and will, and we need a fresh set of shoulders for that challenge,” she said.

Why don’t New Zealanders think the same?

I bet she has something nice lined up.


No doubt. Her masters will be pleased. She’s served them well. :wink:

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Just spent two weeks in NZ and shocked at the amount of Chinese influence. Chinese people everywhere, Chinese cars, Hwawei etc…

The ties are close. In 2008, New Zealand became the first developed country to sign a free trade agreement with China. As a result, trade between the two economies has tripled in the past decade. They also famously refused to join the US coalition against China last year.


Nov. 2022.


Her draconian COVID policies are precisely the reason for her low poll numbers. She knew she had zero chances of re-election, and decided to get out while the getting was good.


I think nobody being able to afford a house or buy groceries might have something to do with it.

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That certainly doesn’t help either. But the fact that she locked NZ citizens out of their own country for years is inexcusable.


She is a lying sack of shit.
Did you hate the working class people who went on marches against her totalitarianism in NZ too?

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This was a decade before Ardern become leader of the Labour Party and PM of New Zealand.

Are you suggesting that she had the power to travel in time to effect this agreement a decade before she was leader? :thinking:


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Oops. Looks like you didn’t read my comment properly, nor the one I was responding to. I was specifically responding to malasang’s comment about Chinese influence. Here’s what he posted, in full:

With my response, in full:

I didn’t mention anything about Ardern signing that agreement, nor did he. I clearly wrote: "In 2008, New Zealand…, not “In 2008, Ardern…”

This is a Oz/ NZ thread, not an Ardern thread.

The photo of Xi with Ardern in my comment is dated there by me as:

Not 2008. And was simply used to emphasise the ties between the two countries and the fact that those ties continue up to now (hence, recent photo).

What can I say? You’re trying to see things that aren’t there :man_shrugging:

As a bit of history for you (since it appears you are interested), it was Helen Clark, back in 2004 (eventually signed in 2008) who started those initial negotiations. Ardern simply upgraded/ updated their free trade pact in Jan., 2021.


Bloody outrageous. After all she’s done! :rage:


if you put her through a woodchipper, she’d probably just do this:

It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

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I mean… :triumph:

Look, it’s simple. You either like her or you hate women.