The People’s Republic of Australia/NZ

This is like Tony Blair becoming a peace envoy. Oh yer


Can some forumosans from Down Under explain to me what this man is doing? No media permitted on the visit.


I’m Victorian. I voted for him the first 2 times he won. I voted for the opposition most recently.

Have you ever been to Victoria? I don’t have exact numbers but universities in Victoria survive by recruiting international students, many from China. It’s also part of the long term goal of retaining graduates to fill labour gaps. Since Covid restrictions by both Australia, Victoria and China effectively ended the recruitment if international students universities are strapped for cash. And Dan Andrews is worried about the labour market as there is already a shortage of workers and less future graduates to make up for the shortage.

Sooo basically he wants a pat on the back for a problem he helped cause. There’s a reason I didn’t vote for him a 3rd time.

In the beginning he was about supporting the people. Now he’s all about hating anyone who makes a bit of money or tries to better themself.

The labour parties of Australia are slowly ending their alignment with the workers and creating an alignment with the unemployed. It’s maddening. I’d vote for them more often if they went back to caring about the working class instead of giving Janet a pay rise for not having worked for 40 years.



There is also something probably happening behind the scenes.

He’s probably the only politician in Australia who China really likes at the moment. He signed up to the belt and road project (I don’t know what the details of that are).

But the Federal government ripped up the deal on national security grounds. Which pissed Dan Andrews off because state governments in Australia operate independently, the federal government doesn’t interfere and doesn’t have the power to interfere with few exceptions (national security being one)

It could be that the federal government has asked him to try to help improve Australia’s relationship with China. Or China is using him as an FU to the rest of Australia. Or most likely a little of both.

It’s probably worth noting that 10-15 years ago most Australians had a neutral to positive view of China. This is no longer the case and most Australians now see it as the worlds bully, in saying that many Australians also view the US as the worlds bully too. The US is just the bully Australia is friends with.


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The “no media” part of his visit indicates to me something . . . not fully open or transparent, or at least politically offkey. What’s there to hide? After all, the people of Australia are funding his trip and his salary.


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Kiwis can now obtain Australian citizenship and passport easier now!

Why can’t they offer the same perks to Canadian and British citizens?

Perhaps CANZUK will soon!

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15-year old cyclist almost killed. Dan Andrew’s wife not even breath-tested, nor even gave a formal statement to Police until a month later. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. Behaviour of Dan consistent with his dickhead nature.

Bombshell ambulance report contradicts Andrews’ crash claims.

It’s even the after-crash stuff that sounds dodgy as all furk:

"The ambulance report was not contained in the files initially handed over by law firm Slater & Gordon in November.

The Herald Sun reports the Meulemans are now seeking pre-trial discovery against Slater & Gordon and the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) in a bid to uncover further “missing” documents.

Mr Meuleman was paid $80,000 by the TAC after the accident, but his family have raised “concerns” over the process.

Both his parents insist they never engaged Slater & Gordon, a Labor-aligned law firm, to represent their son after the crash, and the firm has refused to reveal how it came to be involved."

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“This is over a decade old,” Mr Dimopoulos told reporters.

I bet Dan Andrews will be using that same excuse in 2030 for his more wide-ranging crimes.

But yeah, that’s pretty bizarre stuff. How many deported criminals does Dan have in his family tree, I wonder? :slight_smile:

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Australia does offer citizenship to Canadians and UK nationals just as they do to Australians who are PR in those countries. Australians can also become NZ citizens.


Government website or link please?

First like people from NZ you immigrate to Australia then live there long enough to qualify for citizenship

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Australian gov’t will pay funeral costs if you died from unknown causes:


Japanese bombed Darwin twice and had infantry invading Australia outer islands. The battle of the Coral sea anniversary (USA v Japan) northeast of Australia was a few days ago.

Admiral Yamamoto was planning a full scale invasion of Australia when his plane was shot down byvFDR north of Australia.

Australia gave China Darwin w/o firing a shot

What was the point of defense against Japanese only to surrender to Chinese?

What was the point of Britain keeping out the Hun only to capitulate to swarms of illegals from Africa and Middle East? One of the most popular boys names in England and Wales today is Muhammad

Where did Japanese get so much resources to attack Australia? Robert Menzies PM of Australia handed it to them!

Could Americans be so stupid?

USA sold iron and steel to Japanese up to 2 months before the attack on Pearl Harbor! Japanese ships made of USA steel fueled with USA oil attacked Pearl Harbor

Where did Russia get the money for attacking Europeans (invading Crimea in 2014 and Ukraine in 2020)?

Europeans bought Russian oil for years

Trade with China funds the greatest military expansion and spy network in world history

Has there ever been a case where a totalitarian militaristic dictatorship embarked on a huge build up and then left that massive investment in arms to just sit?

Probably safe to conclude “the pandemic” is over, now that it’s legal (again) to prescribe medicines that might have saved lives.

They don’t even pretend to obfuscate what they did. Why bother? They know they’re untouchable.

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Things still going on in Australia.

Get yer Boostaz

When did that video come out?

A love note to neoliberal Australia . . . NOT!



Japan was incapable of invading Australia, and they knew it. Japan had very little trade with Australia at the time.

Britain did not fight the German Empire in WWI to prevent illegal immigration 109 years later.

Japan attacked Pearl Harbor because America cut off exports of steel and iron and oil to Japan. If America had continued exports they would not have attacked- at that time.

Sometimes you screw up- Europe bought oil and gas from Russia thinking it would integrate them into the European economy and get rid of their aggression. Bad mistake (like Stalin with Hitler).

Greatest military expansion in world history- from a low level, and ignoring the USSR. In total amount of equipment and money, far and away it’s the US starting with WWII.

A totalitarian militaristic dictatorship embarking on a huge builup and leaving it sit there? Soviet Union (question how militaristic they were in Cold War).